Friday, January 29, 2016

January Let's Book It

  A welcome sign is symbolized in a pineapple.....or so the story goes.  I shared this pattern on Friday finds a couple of months ago.  I thought it would be great to have as a wall hanging in the guest room.

  Simple squares of gold and tan for the pineapple, topped with a crown of green Dresden plate segments.  Then it was border time......

At first, I was a bit concerned about the bold pattern of the fabric I selected.  It had the perfect tones of the green and gold along with that rich purple.

   To soften the effect, I added a simple extra border to the top and bottom only.  Just a few scrap logs extended the overall length.  Now it was looking better.

 I quilted in a lot of texture around the pineapple that now adorns the storage cabinet where I keep the extra quilts.  I used a light binding to contrast with the border fabric---again to soften it---and to be a nice contrast against the dark cabinet.  

  Oh....lest we forget.  The ugly fabric is on the back....the color matches.  No peeking to admire that!!  Just enjoy the welcome to our home and enjoy your stay.

Dust Off Those BooksLinking to Let's Book It at Vrooman's Quilts.     

  If you haven't joined or don't know about Let's Book It...the details are at Sharon's blog on the Book It page.  Simply select a project from your collection of saved patterns and create it.....large or small, start it, change it,  or better yet..... complete it.  Then share at the end of each month.  It's Sharon's way to enable/encourage us to enjoy our projects.  At the end of the year, you will be surprised at what you accomplished!   And those small projects make great gifts  :)

Final note......followers have been dropping this week....Google is cleaning house.  If you are a regular blogger, great.  If you drop in occasionally, that is great too.  You might consider following your favorite blogs by email if you do not wish to join google.   Check the sidebar and sign up.  My understanding is that you can join google and get a "dashboard" to read your favorite blogs with out writing one.  That way you can also comment.  technology....such a headache!  I'd rather be stitching.


  1. Oh, how I love this pineapple block! Gorgeous finish as always, your color sense is amazing. I also noticed the sudden drop in google followers a couple days ago.

  2. Very pretty. I like everything about this piece. Your outer border fabric is perfect.

  3. Oh, you made your own pineapple! This was a fun pattern and I love how you made it 'you'! Now see, I think that ugly fabric just works with this - on the back. The lite binding really does set it off. Well done - now I need to make another one.

  4. I can't imagine the pineapple quilt without the little extra border additions. That really gives it personality.

  5. What a beautiful, welcoming Pineapple Wall Hanging. Who wouldn't love to stay in your guest room with that little beauty?

  6. Congrats on a fun and flashy finish!

  7. Oh I love that, the flashy border is really wonderful and the touch of improv really adds to it. Even the back is beautiful, LOL. Google tried to force us all to get Google+ now they're relentless march to take over the internet is costing everyone, maybe they should change their name to MicroGoogle, that's the nerd in me coming out, sorry.

  8. Love what you have done with the pineapple. Adding a little "zing" is always a good thing. : )

  9. Well, that is adorable. Great back you chose for it too.


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