Thursday, February 11, 2016

Slow week

  Frosty leaves and icy branches for this week......I'm not leaving the house until it gets above freezing, which might be this afternoon.
  Making circles has been entertaining.  I like making them and then finding a good match for the background.  High contrast for some and very muted for others.

  I realized how poor my selection of greens is.....a lot of solids and a few ugly ones, too.  So I decided to straighten up the bin of black and white fabrics.  At the bottom of the bin I found a small scrap of fabric that had to become a circle.

   It's another memory one.  I was telling my daughter about the circles and that I made one for her yesterday.  Immediately, she knew what fabric I used. "Betty Boop"!!  Yep, a bit of leftover fabric from lounge pants  that I made for her when she went to college.   I love her expression and those eyes.
It makes me smile.

  I'm a couple of days behind on the bow ties blocks.....but here's my collection so far.  I need to spend a bit of time cutting up some more pieces.  I am just pinning them up as I go and will figure out the design when I have a bigger selection.

  One Habitat quilt is bound and the second needs to be's task is to get the backing pieced.   I got side-tracked this week on the annual tax prep.....ugh!  So I haven't gotten far on anything.  Just a slow week.  


Quilting Babcia said...

Your first batch of circles match this week's weather perfectly! And Betty Boop - too much! We're in a deep freeze up here, not going to see 32 for about 5 days, in fact Saturday's high is predicated at 1 degree. The bowtie blocks are lovely, I so love that block. Tax work this week also, an ugly thing this year for sure with hubby retiring after the first of the year. We shall persevere.

Maureen@Mystic Quilter said...

Your top circle is made of beautiful fabric, love the colours. I'm going to be watching these bow ties - what a great idea to colour wash.

Mary said...

We had a high in the 80s today. Maybe you'll get some warmer weather soon. I love the stories behind your circles.

Janet O. said...

Taxes can ruin a lovely day, can't they?
Your circles are very fun. : )

Dana Gaffney said...

Your circles look great, I love the Betty Boop. Your bow ties are really coming together, I can see the color wash happening so, of course, it will be beautiful. We have another cold front coming through next week, so get out while you can. Crazy week here, I'd like a slow week please.

liniecat said...

Fabulous circles some great fabrics there!

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