Thursday, February 4, 2016

Waiting on my muse

  I am in a lull.  Where did that muse of mine disappear to?    I usually hear her whispering my ear, giving me an idea, or direction to follow.  Yet, things are quiet and silent right now. So, I have not picked a new  project...large or small.  Instead I have added to my almost  daily routine.

The addictive circles continue.  Seriously, I do find them addictive like eating M and Ms, or potato chips.   I have a very eclectic mix of fabrics....some for color, some for print, some for memories.  Setting them together will be a challenge.

   Since I do a circle a day, why not add a block a day to the routine.     I only had a 3 1/2'' strip of this fabric left.  The easiest block I could come up with was a bow tie.   Now the bow tie is added to the routine.    There are a lot of design options for this block......I will just see where it takes me.

  Mainly I have been quilting those projects in waiting.  Very large,  open meandering for this Habitat quilt for our guild.  Ruth made the top, and I will just finish it up.  This one now needs binding fabric.

  Binding was added to the Birds in the Air.  Just a label to add  and then I will share its finish.

 We had oven an inch of rain yesterday.....I see robins every where in the front yard.  All those sweet worms must make a good breakfast for them.  That means spring is not far behind.   Happy stitching.  


  1. Sometimes we just need those quiet lulls to prepare for the next inspiration. I do love the circles you've shown, and yes they are wildly addictive. You can send a few of those robins north anytime now! Actually we are having a very warm winter here compared with last year, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them any time.

  2. I hope your muse returns quickly. Meanwhile, you are getting a lot done!

  3. For someone who is in a lull, it looks like you have lots of things still going on. Your circles are intriguing & I love your Birds in the Air quilt. I've watched the progression on it & it turned out to be a real beauty.
    I'm in a sort of slump also. I'm finishing some burp cloths that were waiting for completion & have some mending type duties that need attention but no quilting at this time. I have 3 UFO's that need completion but just not in the mood right now.

  4. Sometimes it is good to have that lull - then we are fresh for when inspiration smacks us in the head.

  5. Well, your lull keeps you sewing more on a daily basis than my muse does! : )

  6. At least you're not pacing the house muttering "what now?". Those mini lulls are when I like to pick my next Let's Book It, nothing like following someone else's instructions to kick your creativity into gear, I know you change them up and play the "what if" game. Winter is back here, windy and in the 60's.


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