Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Finds Creativity

From Pat this.:
From Pat Sloan
   Creativity keeps popping up in a lot of parts of my life right now.....or at least that is the word I keep seeing.   First it popped up as the topic for this week's Bible study.  I was reminded that God fills us with imaginings and the skills to fulfill them.  That was so affirming for me.
    Next I run across this poster from Pat Sloan, a creative guru if there is one.   It's good to have positive affirmations to remind ourselves that our quilting passion is our creative passion.  Embrace it and enjoy.

Free Easter Printables | faberge egg inspired design with small flower details.: From Hub pages.......printable coloring pages for Easter.   I actually saved this to use as a pattern template for  I had visions of making mug rugs with decorated eggs on maybe next year I will get an earlier start.  But a few printable pages would be fun to tuck into Easter baskets, along with some markers. 

 : From for a Friendship star block.   There are a couple of different sizes shown with cutting measurements.  Also, there are links to some variations.  Perfect block to put together from leaders/enders!  I really need to make use of my box of triangles.  

WOW! Love the color!:

   Creative setting and use of color in this quilt!  Naturally my eye was attracted by the color and value in this and then I looked closer.  The diagonal setting gives it a fresh updated look for the simple squared boxes.  Of course, this might be a good setting for some orphan blocks, too.  

 From Pinterest.....the link is dead but says it was found on

Update:  Here is the correct link from the maker,  Cathy Tomm 


   For EQ users......Do you eq blog offers great tips.  This short tutorial was on creating labels in EQ7 to print out for your quilt.  
  While you are sure to check out the fabric giveaways from Moda!

As always, please visit the  original sources that I have linked for pinning.  
Enjoy these finds and happy stitching!


Dana Gaffney said...

That colorful quilt is awesome, I love the scrappy black and white background!

Mary said...

The quilt with black and white background is so very pretty. Thanks for the inspiration this week.

Janet O. said...

Another fun batch of finds, Debbie. Thanks for the links!
I want to make a mini of the friendship star someday.
Love the coloring pages--I don't color anymore (I was coloring when coloring wasn't cool), but I know someone who will love them.
Oh, such a fresh, pretty quilt!

Cathy Tomm said...

Hi I am the maker of the Luminous Diamonds The quilt with the diagonal lines. Here it is on my blog if you want to correct the link.

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