Sunday, April 10, 2016

You must remember this fabric

  Every quilter that has been around for a few years has this in the stash.  I have seen it in various colorways, like blues, greens, and pink.  I know I bought it as a flat fold at a discount store eons of course it had to become a circle.

   The high heel for my Mom.  She was a dresser.....always in heels with matching handbag.

  And the mis-matched scrap of ruler fabric is for the other men that I love, my brother and older nephew.  My brother built our house and the nephew is a super-duper project manager of high end homes.  I could not resist the tease of this scrap of tape measure fabric that had to be pieced to be large enough.

  I am now at 130 circles....I really need to decide on layouts.
I played around with a ''modern'' arrangement by placing light background circles onto a solid piece of mottled fabric.  Of course this would be a piecing nightmare.  And for sure, it is not my style.  I think I will pass on this design for now.

  Then I tried grouping some circles with colored backgrounds.  This has some possibilities....if I add a lot more variety in the background fabrics.  I am not feeling the love of this one either.
And that will return me to the original staggered layout with mixed up background fabrics.

  My back is better....I managed to get to the mail box and back.  Heat and frequent breaks are my routine for a few more days.  I have a class to teach on Tuesday, so I will rest a lot to get through it.
Happy stitching.


  1. I'm using the "you must remember this" fabric in blue/lilac to bind a prayer quilt as we speak/write.

  2. I had that fabric in many colors too. It was great in its day when there weren't as many choices as today.

  3. Seeing your circles makes me think I need to find some daisies, poppies, and cardinals to fussy cut.

  4. I do like that you're bringing in fabrics with memories for you!

  5. I think I had that fabric in a deep teal. : )
    I hope you keep feeling better and stronger!

  6. The layout will come, I like the idea of using the backgrounds but you have a lot more to go, so be patient until it clicks. I'm glad to hear your back is doing better and you're still taking it easy.

  7. Amazingly I don't think I've seen that fabric before! Makes a perfect circle though! I'm still mulling over a layout for all these circles too.

  8. I do love the " modern piecing nightmare arrangement"! It really will set off your circles. I have been inspired!

  9. Somehow I missed out on that fabric. I love the modern layout, but agree it would be really challenging to put together.


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