Friday, June 10, 2016

Another student finish!

  I taught a class for my local guild just before all the health issues began in May.  I shared their class progress here in this post.   One student,  Joan, and I emailed back and forth a few times as she worked to finish up her project.

   Today she shared it with me.   Pretty fantastic, I say!   I love her accents, and the overflow of the design into the border.
  The strong darks make the entire piece shimmer.  Such a great job.

Joan is a great designer of quilted garments.  Here is the link to her website.....Figure Flattering Quiltwear.   Be sure to  visit her site for some great eye candy designs and patterns.
Thanks for sharing your finish and letting me post the final finish.

  As for me, things are much the same.  Two finger typing is slow going.  The medications have helped reduce the pain..,,.,if only I could stay awake long enough to enjoy it.  Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, and extra notes and cards.  They mean a lot.   Happy stitching.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is simply spectacular! I know we all miss seeing your own in-progress projects, as much as you miss being able to work on them, praying the doctors will find answers - and good ones - very soon.

  2. You must be thrilled to see this lovely piece from one of your class ladies - it is beautiful.
    Pleased there is some relief from the pain meds but sadly the sleepiness is one of the side effects!
    Sending hugs your way.

  3. That's beautiful! I love the off balance of the darks and the color running into the border. She learned well from you. Less pain is wonderful, the sleepyness not so much, although rest is probably doing you some good. I want to shake those doctors.

  4. Another student listened well to her instructor. This is fabulous! As I went to her site, I realize a couple of our guild members took her bargello jacket class a couple of years ago. Still sending prayers and well wishes (don't reply).

  5. Another beauty from one of your students. Looks like they were all listening in class! I'm glad the pain meds are helping but sorry you are sleepy most of the time. Still praying for the best for you & the wisdom of the doctors.

  6. Debbie, thank you for sharing such a stunning quilt. I am thrilled you keep persevering through the health crisis. Will keep praying for relief and healing.

  7. It is obvious that Joan had a very good teacher!! The quilt is gorgeous!
    Still praying!!

  8. Oh, that's really fantastic. Well done, Teacher and Student. :D LOVE the bird silhouette.

  9. Beautiful quilt--must've had a great teacher! Still praying :o)


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