Thursday, January 19, 2017

Starting one more

   I am bad.....starting a new sew along/block a month.  I wasn't going to do this.   But I keep seeing so many great blocks each month, and this month is purple, and I wanted to make this quilt "Soul Searching".   Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.....excuses to convince myself I am not jumping in over my head.  So the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is going on at  Scraphappy blog.    Please join me being insane:)

   And I have a purple block for this month.  I am not going over board, but one block won't hurt, will it?
I adjusted the Soul Searching block size for 2'' strips instead of the 2 1/2''.  It is large enough at this size, as it ends up at 18''.  A dozen of these will be a big enough quilt.
  Note:  The quilt is found in Making Quilts by Kathy Doughty.

Continuing string blocks.......
I made 4 more string blocks while putting this one together.   Comments indicate there are several of us working or planning some string creation this year.  I am using it as a leader/ender project to build up a stash of string blocks for instant gratification when I get inspired.
  Questions arose......I do prefer using fabric for my foundation, but have done about 30 so far on phone book pages.  The paper almost falls away as the pages are so thin.  An evening of watching TV shows and all the paper will be history.
     I had to root around to find the old, very thin fabric I use for foundations usually.  I found the basket shoved behind some batting leftovers.  So this weekend I will get some pieces cut for this next batch of strings.

Jumping up and down today.....Sir Old Man found a guy who got my computer functioning again.  It was locking up and driving me crazy.  They also got my back-up straightened out and I feel safe again.    Relief.  Happy stitching.


  1. Love the purple block!!
    I am trying very hard NOT to join you in being insane. : )
    Over at Kathy's Quilts I have watched her scrap challenge creations for years and I have loved them all and almost jumped in time after time--and yet I resist. I don't know how, but somehow I have managed. I will have to block out your siren song now, too. *LOL*

  2. You will love the Soul Searching quilt. I love all of mine, 2 of the original layout and one of a nested layout.

    Yay, for a computer that works well!

  3. Love your purple blocks! So happy you have joined the rainbow scrap challenge.

  4. I have Kathy's books and Soul Searching has been marked with a little sticky note since I first bought the book! I like that you're making an 18" size block and pleased to see you're joining in RSC 2017.I already have purple houses from last year so nothing made from me this month.

  5. Starting another new project - that's good, not bad!!! Means you're feeling better and this is going to be a GOOD new year!

  6. I think I joined you in your insanity quite a while ago, but not this time LOL. I think you picked the perfect block for the challenge, it's going to be amazing in all of the colors.

  7. That would be a great block for using all my red/white/blue fabrics for Quilts of Valor. I've watched others, over the years, with their Rainbow challenge blocks.

  8. One block a month is very doable. I started last year, but got waylaid by other projects and the gardening once spring arrived. But I'm trying again with the idea that it's just for fun and a good way to try new block ideas. After all, it's just one block a month (ha ha).
    Love all your background fabrics. I've been collecting them too, although I used a bunch in the Bonnie Hunter mystery. But we are supposed to actually use the fabric, right?

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  10. I couldn't stop myself from joining in on a BOM this year, and I'm a little tempted to do some more. I think they're a nice manageable way to get some extra quilts made--except yeah, hate to get too many things started.


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