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The Mrs. Claus Project is being put on hold for now, as of  October 2015.  The response for help has been wonderful and over whelming.   The elves at the Woodworker's shop are evaluating the program  at this time, so plans for 2016 are in limbo.   I will update as plans are decided upon.  Thank you to each and every Mrs. Claus.


 News:  Dana, our  Mrs. Techie Claus, created a new buttons  just for this project.  She captured the spirit of it perfectly.  The linky buttons are on my  home page .  You will need to copy the code under the photo and paste it onto your blog as a gadget.  It will link directly to this page.   Thank you, Dana.  
The button code is located at the bottom of my home page.

How to Help by making a doll quilt: 
  • Recommended size for the doll quilts is 14" by 18".  A little bigger or smaller is fine for the doll beds and strollers.  The woodworkers are not making cradles this year.  
  • Any design, or pattern works great.  Make it out of scraps, orphan blocks, strings, or novelty print or a panel design.  Express yourself.
  • The doll quilts are the perfect size to practice your quilting skills.  Try free motion motifs....a great practice size.  Hand quilted, tied, or simple line stitching are great options too. 
  • You may use a binding to finish the quilt, or simply "birth the quilt" by sewing around all 4 sides---leaving an opening for turning---and then top stitch along the edge.  
  • Add a label to the back or write with a fabric marker like Pigma Pens, and be sure to include the state you are representing.  Example:  "From Mrs. Claus in South Carolina" or "With love from North Carolina".  The girls are always amazed when they discover their quilts from across the country and other nations. 
  • Contact me for mailing instructions ----  Stitchintherapy at bellsouth dot net  ---or click the link on the home page on the right hand side. 
This story began with an idea to the first post here.
Then a cry for about the next post here.
And suddenly the idea grew to become.....Get Your Mrs. Claus On.  Quilters --Mrs. Clauses, you know--from around the country and Canada and France responded with doll quilts to go with the doll beds, and doll cradles, and the doll strollers being made by The Greenville Woodworkers Guild.   In 14 days over 65 doll quilts arrived from Mrs. Clauses to brighten the lives of little girls. 
The quilts arrived in ones, and two, then in sixes, and twelves!  Mrs. Claus has work to do.

Day 14 and 67 dolls quilts are ready for the first delivery.

A volunteer artist dropped by to hand paint decorative accents on the cradles.
The head toy maker painting one of the strollers. 

The Get Your Mrs. Claus On project will repeat again in 2012.  Mrs. Claus suggests that for each project you complete during the year, use the scraps to make a doll quilt to donate.  The needed finished size is 14" by 18".  If you prefer to donate the unfinished top, Mrs. Claus in SC will be happy to finish it off.  Maybe she can even get one of those pesky little elves to help!   Please contact her at

A group album has been set up on  Flickr for the Get Your Mrs. Claus On  .  Feel free to post your doll quilt donation photo to this site.  Please reply to the message there, and share where you are from.
Thanks for dropping by our workshops!

Get Your Mrs. Claus On   2012 
This year  I began with a promise to myself that for every project I completed, I would make a doll quilt.  The best laid plans went awry when I fell and broke my shoulder in mid-April.  But do not fear as there were a group of quilting angels who wanted to become Mrs. Claus.  Their fearless leader and organizer is a special gal from Texas named Nicki.  They are members of a message board at HGTV Forums.  They started the year with the idea of making a doll quilt from each state as they are scattered all over the country.  And when the sign up list was posted, every state was covered as well as Virgin Islands.......and not just one quilt for each state but sometimes 2 or 3.  The beautiful doll quilts poured in from them.  
And other Mrs. Claus from around the world responded  and sent doll quilts.  
As of June 25, 2012 the total number of quilts is 130!

To all the wonderful Mrs. Claus around the world,
Last November I never dreamed this small project would touch so many hearts.  In the grand scheme of the world , it is a small project, but has an amazing effect on each of us.  Our work to create a small doll quilt of our stashed and horded fabrics, or of our leftover blocks and strips, has become an amazing journey.  Your hand work may inspired a young girl to become a quilter one day, or to learn to sew.  She may try harder, love deeper, feel stronger because you cared.   The quilters who have participated   have learned new techniques, improved their skills, and spread their love of fiber and thread.  They seek to leave a legacy in their giving and caring.  Others have donated fabric, and batting and been such an encouragement to the entire project.   So, even though I may not know each of you, I am sending hugs and blessings to each of you.  

Thank you each and all.....the story will continue.
October 16, 2012
As of today 85 doll quilts,  made by  the quilting Mrs. Clauses, have gone out the door for delivery by that Pesky Elf---with the biggest heart---along with the doll beds and cradles.  I love to revisit each quilt that has come in before it leaves to brighten a young  life.  I think of all the time involved, of the hands that assembled each quilt.  I pray a blessing over them.  I hope your participation in this project gives you so  much joy  as I have received.  It has been a wonderful God inspired journey.  I am thankful He let me go along for the ride. 


  1. What a fabulous idea! Sharon from Vrooman's Quilts sent me your way - please e-mail me so I can tell you about our new blog focusing on charity quilting opportunities!!

    Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict - and - Quilts Are For Giving

  2. What an awesome idea. You are an inspiration.

  3. Aha! Now I see! What a neat idea! I may just have to send a doll quilt your way...

  4. What a cute reindeer you have. Just makes me smile. And, congratulations on your Mrs. Claus Doll Quilt Project. Wow, are you helping to bring smiles and cuddle time to so many kids. Love those wooden baby beds with a baby quilt. Very special.

    Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.


  5. You sent me that box full of beautiful doll quilts for our neighborhood agency that serves families in need. They were very happy to receive the lovely quilts! Thank you so much! I got a picture, but it's pretty fuzzy. I can email it to you, if you want.

  6. sew sew fun, i will be part of the project this year on hgtv.

  7. What a great idea! Is this an ongoing project? I would love to participate.

  8. What a great idea! Is this an ongoing project....if it is , I would love to participate this year.

  9. Is this project continuing in 2014? If so, I'd love to participate.


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