Monday, April 5, 2010

Contrasts and disorganization!

The tiny grape hyacinths are blooming along the back walk.  From a distance it looks like  a lovely sea of blue-purple.  I like the  color contrast with the gray of the lavender in the background.
  Since returning from Florida last week, I have felt very scattered -- lack of focus, and have not gotten a lot accomplished.    I cleaned the cutting table off and picked up the items and books off the floor.  Project boxes were stacked under a side table and batting stored away.   Still I hard a difficult time getting to work.
Well now, I think I diagnosed my problem, and it is not just allergies and pollen.  I am embarrassed to say it is  being messy and  disorganized.....check out this photo to see what I mean.

I have been pulling out fabric for small projects and such and just stuffing it back wherever.  This is only one side of the closet and then there is the floor--where a lot of the overflow resides!  No wonder I can't think straight, it is too overwhelming to hunt for what I think I could use.   So, getting this mess in shape is a priority before I begin anything new.  
I ran across the mini-bolt idea from  and I think I will use their folding technique for getting some of this arranged.  I have a huge stack of plastic type cover sheets that I am going to experiment with before I make an investment in their mini-bolts. 
Any and all storage ideas are welcomed....please share them. 


  1. Oh if only I had some storage ideas!! I get the same restlessness when it gets so disorganized that I don't feel like quilting! I wonder if I used the mini-bolt system whether I'd just end up with fabric AND mini-bolts lying around! Here's part of Cathy Miller's storage solution in the song - '100 Ways to Hide your Stash'.

    "Pad it in a pillow, buy a bass violin,
    Cram it in a corner, tuck it in a tin,
    Turn off your freezer, fill up your bin, Unplug the oven, you can fit it all in"
    her last line is:
    "No more room in here, buy the house next door!!"

  2. The song it too cute! Luckily I don't have to hide my stash...we would end up with baked paisley or grilled florals for dinner.

  3. Debbie, what type of plastic are you wrapping the fabric around? I know your resourcefulness.;o) Sarge

  4. Sarge, I did some research and discovered what I used to wrap the bolts on is called a presentation/ report cover for binding. Heavy weight.

  5. hee - hee, so when you coming over to help me w/ my over flowing yarn & fabric ;)

  6. Ok, smarty pants....when you give me free reign to do it my way..


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