Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New addition

My small gallery


   I have a small gallery in the office where I display all types of artwork, from cards, to sketches, to photos.  

  And the mail bought a new addition yesterday.  Gene has been sharing his experimenting with watercolor painting recently.  He wasn't happy with one of his first attempts.....but I was!  I loved it.  So this wonderful artist sent me his practice piece to have and enjoy!  

 I have to search for another small easel for displaying it.  So, thanks, Gene, I am so pleased to have it.  

  This is new Blogger post....isn't it awful to control?    

Have a great stitching day anyway!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Making spool blocks

  After such a nice holiday weekend here, at least weather wise, I went back to the sewing room today for a while.  The humidity returned and the temps went up again.  We did enjoy about 4 days of cooler temps and Sir Old Man was motivated to begin painting the garden shed....under my supervision of course.  That part he wasn't crazy about, but he is such a good sport that he did not complain. 

   I had a nice stack of spool blocks to press and trim.  Once I worked thru the pile I ended up with 67 finished blocks!
  To review the summer project:   Now, they are only 5'' at this point.  I have a mix of light spools and dark background, and dark spools on a light background.  Very scrappy and pulled from my 2'' strip collections.  Florals, tonals,  batiks, and  mixed patterns..... I am using a big span of styles.

   So today, I am wondering if I need to begin working them into 4-unit blocks.  LOL....already I see ones I need to flip.  So I know I need to work the small blocks into larger ones.
  This layout is 4 dark background blocks together on the upper left.  Next and to the right  would be a large block of 4 with light backgrounds.
  The bottom group on the right got turned around wrong....very wrong.  That's okay, nothing is joined yet. 

   I have looked at lots of layouts with spool blocks.  And I like this spinning spools version the best.  My second question is whether I just mix them up and let things fall where they may.  I am fearful of doing that for the whole top as it will be confusing and not have any focus at all.  I may toss a few hodge-podge blocks into a little more planned version. 

 Between the spools, I am using the Easy-breezy leader and ender from Bonnie Hunter.  I have about 20 of these done....these 8 blocks were pressed.  This layout has all the dark going to the upper left for a diagonal layout. 

   But what if.....I switch a few directions and form a chain.  I think it will be oblivious which I will pick.  I love chain effects.    But this is a long term project and lots more patches to sew.

   And that is it  from the sewing room. 
Sending prayers to those facing fires on the west coast, and holding our breathe that the 5 storms forming stay far away from land.  2020 is still making people notice it!
Happy stitching. 


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