2016 Quilts

New Year of quilts.....expect a mix of things in all sizes.

    Waste Not 3
Mixed sizes of stacks of coin strips with black separator strips.

A pineapple banner for the guest room.

Season's Glow
Orange peel quilt using floral fabrics.

Birds in the Air
Small lap quilt in blue, green, and purple color palette. 

Quiet Time
Watercolor wall hanging......23'' by 30''

Be Legendary
My focus banner for 2017....to be the best me I can,
 to laugh, love deeply, and live well.  

Plume Banner


Ruth said...

Goodness, girl! It's not even the end of January and you already have 3 pieces done!

Debbie said...

LOL....the two quilts were completed this month of January, but had been started last year. I hate UFOs and tend to finish the quilting in "batches".

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