Thursday, May 26, 2016


  Sometimes the breeze is gentle and you float along  enjoying the view.  A stronger  current comes and you get caught in a whirlwind.  That's where I am.

  First, thank you all for the notes and comments.....I so appreciate them.
Bad news first.....,.I ended up at the vascular surgeon's office yesterday.  So you know what is coming.  There is enough blockage in my right carotid artery that clean out/repair is needed.  I tried to talk them into wait and see, but I lost that battle.    Next week there is a CT scan scheduled  to determine if I am can have a stent put in or have to have the old fashioned slice it open done.

Better news.....I began PT yesterday for the back problems.  The pain does not appear to be  from the spine, but  all from the muscles.  So that is great news, as they can help improve that.   I learned new stretches and will be sore for a few days I know.  But the view looks better for this :)

As for the hand/finger numbness..,..unknown but I will have evaluation on Tuesday.  PT thinks it is from muscles in neck causing nerve pressure.  My doctor did not think it was carpel tunnel either.   I am typing with 2 fingers and apologize for lack of replies.  Yet I know you understand.
So artery must be fixed first before much therapy can be done on neck/shoulder muscles.  So for now,  we concentrate on the is a step in the right direction.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Still here......

I'm still here.  I am trying to get thru a lot right now.
  I experienced a problem with my vision after our trip to Michigan.  Doctors and hospital word on any of it yet.  Was it a stroke or a fluke....who knows but things seem fine with my vision now.   I know something could be lurking, and I will jump over that bridge when/if needed.
  The challenge is now numbness in my is hard to do anything.  The numbness came and went while we were gone. That long ride sure did not help.   I have had problems for a couple of years due to tendonitis and that danged pinched nerve in my back.   It could now be compressed, so I have appointment next week with the doctor.   I have dumped the chicken on the floor, dropped most everything I touch, and am afraid I will slice a finger if I use the rotary cutter.   Typing is a I probably won't post or comment much until things improve.   I managed to clean my sewing machine and change the thread but sewing is another story.

   I am way behind on my circles....but did get some re-arranged on the design wall.  I want to add another column in the center I think before I change my mind again.  I am trying to stick to birds, blooms, and fabrics from friends in this combination.  And I have not decided on a border or not.

   And that's where I am.  Hoping things improve soon......happy stitching :)


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Student projects

  I spent today just recouping after Monday night's trunk show and then watercolor workshop on Tuesday.  I had great comments on the trunk show......high praise for me was when one gal called me an artist.  Big smile here.
The workshop was only 3 hours, so the projects are just enough for the students to get a taste of the technique and a small project designed.   A larger project would be more of an intermediate class with some extra design work and planning. did they do in class?

  Yvonne is a repeat student and just whipped this right out.  The first time around was at least 5 or 6 years ago and she was still teaching.  She has just been waiting patiently to try this technique again.  Her finishing plan is to add a butterfly applique.

  This is a mother and daughter duo.....sorry the other photo was out of focus.  Shelia came well prepared with stacks of squares....more than enough for both of them.   And some for me, too!

  This is mid-point in Patty's project.  Her comment at this point was "This is hard for me."  I know what she meant....learning to focus on the value and not the color, which traditional quilter's look at, is like stepping off a cliff.  You can't believe that it is possible to mix so many prints together and end up with a project that is not a disaster.
  You can see she will have a very nice piece....with lots of impact.

Joan sent me this photo of her project that she finished designing  at home.  Her big concern was using so many bright fabrics, but they add the needed spark to the project.  I was able to point out a couple of spots to smooth out.  I know she plans on adding applique to finish and wanted that large light area for it.

  This is Pat's project.....isn't it great!  Her light area took on a natural curve that she really liked.  That sparkling orange in the corner is so pretty.  We tweaked this at the end of class and I think it looks so good.

  I will be excited to see how they finish each project off.

Sorting out the quilts and my bags of miscellaneous took most of the afternoon.  I caught up on a few circles and then took a nap!  Tomorrow is fully scheduled and I need to be rested.

See you in a few days.....happy stitching.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Finds

There's a blog hop going on to win a copy of Crafted Applique by Lara Buccella.  I am sending you to StormyDays blog to begin the hop, as Dana has a full list of sites for the hop,  and the first review.  She has a project made using the technique----which is being kept a big secret, like in mystery by the reviewers.   It's all in good fun,  and Dana deserves a good fabric bombing for not telling!

Mequilter shared a block that is simple and would work well in any border.  I love the simple change that color makes in a 9 patch.

mini quilts from fabric panels: From the blog at Keepsake Quilting.....this post shared 10 ideas for using fabric panels.   This entry is worth a quick look even if you think you aren't interested.  I generally ignore panels but recently succumbed to one filled with butterflies by Moda.  I figured if I did not buy it now, I would regret it later :)

Bursting Buds Table Runner by SameliasMum:  May is spring and this table runner from Samelia's Mum shouts it.  She is sharing a full tutorial and pattern, so stop by and say hello.   And check out her beautiful quilting on this project too!

As always, please visit the original source for pinning.
Enjoy your weekend.  Love on your Mom.  Make someone smile.  Above all, remember how great you are.  Happy stitching.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Playing with a layout

  I got in a little design time and made a couple of circles.  I so loved this scrap from Wanda at Exuberant Color.  Mr. Cardinal was a bit large--5'' head to tail---so I had to rethink how to use him.  Inspiration struck last week from somewhere.....I actually woke up one morning and knew how to use him.   I had to carefully add slim bits to the top and one side to get a full circle, but  it can hardly be seen.
  So a 5'' circle needed a larger background square.  I debated on piecing the background and then I found this snowman print mixed in with the uglies.  The grey was a perfect match....worked for me.

  In January I showed this collaged block that I played around with.   The pieces are fussy cut and fused and then stitched down.  It was not intended as a circle for the 365 project, but it has found a way in after all.

   Last month I showed this crazy layout.   It would involve a lot of  fill in piecing.  It's still a possibility for the light background squares.....or leftovers in the end.   Or this might be a good one for just floral fabrics.

  But on to the latest idea.......

  Here is the first try as I mix in very large circles with the 4 1/2'' size.   I began by clumping similar background squares , thinking they would balance the large squares.       Viewing it on the computer now, I see a possible better arrangement.   Shifting things around I can frame the large squares and make them appear to be overlapping the smaller ones....maybe?

  Also I discovered a couple of duplicates....oops!  Good reason to plan a couple of smaller quilts :)

  I have the quilts pulled for the trunk show for next week and  now I need to pull together the samples for the workshop and gather all the extra stuff.   Next week's calendar is packed with appointments and things after that, so I may take a break  from posting.
  I need to get some things done....just done!  As today is one of power a la Star Wars.......May the forth be with you.    Sorry, could not resist this pun:)
Happy stitching.
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