Monday, March 25, 2019

March Round 2

  I mentioned fabric browsing and giving in and buying.  I really liked this paisley print I saw online at the J store site.  I envisioned it as rich pillowcases!  Not my usual but I thought a nice set would update the bedroom look.  We have queen size pillows and those regular cases are just enough too small that I usually remake pillow cases that come with a set of sheets.  And a good cotton fabric gets so soft for snoozing.  
   I got the fabric cut and set to sew last week.  Then spent the weekend pinning my quilt tops.  I had plans to machine quilt a couple of hours each day and work my way thru both tops.  I went ahead and cut up binding even.  Monday morning was still sunny and warm.

  I also started on a set of place mats.  I liked the fabric, it was on big time sale, and would be good for the sun room.  I got 2 sewn, and 2 ready to go.  I will do simple straight line quilting to finish them off.

   On the way to the store for groceries, I noticed how many trees were showing leaves!  And then a couple of hours later, I noticed a headache.  Right over my eye, then behind my eye, I figured it was a sinus headache as the pollen count was rising.

   Tuesday was not very productive as the sinus headache hung on. By that night my face was swelling, and  I could not sleep lying down as the pressure was so bad.  To the doctor asap, and by then my face was showing bruising under the eye.  Major infection, steroids and antibiotics, and on day five I am seeing improvement finally.   The scariest thing was how quickly this infection developed with absolutely no cold or virus before.    My stamina has taken a major hit, and so I am back to working in shorter spurts.  You would think I would quit trying to overdo when I feel good.  Lol.

   But I did manage a bit of sewing therapy yesterday.   I know some people hate string sewing, but it is mindless and relaxing for me.    The bin for floral strings is quite full.  And they are quite small---only 4'' square.  I had a stack of shorter pieces and strips of the foundation shirting I use for string foundations......the largest size I could get out of most of them was 4''.  So that was why the odd/small size is being used.  It is pretty random right now with no design plan.  I figure they can be turned into a small table runner, or wall hanging, or even the base for a tote bag.  For now they are a stop gap for me. 
Happy stitching.   

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Missing March

  After a call last night from a friend, I realized I had been missing for  a month.  I found a draft of this post I began the first of the month with just a photo of a test block.  No words, just the block photo.
   I vaguely remember trying to figure out something I saw or that someone asked me about, yet the rest is blank.    I think it was a response to a question after the last post in Feb. about the Scrappy Rails  layout using squares instead of the rectangles.  So, yes, it can be done with the same or similar design effect.

  The winter weather has factored a lot into my energy level, along with pain level.  We went thru almost 3 full weeks of rain, more rain, and then more and a series of low pressure systems that rocked my world.  I had ordered backing fabric for 2 quilt tops to work on this month.  But before they arrived, I had an attack of sciatica nerve inflammation.  That is to say from the small of the back and hip area, over the buttocks, and down the leg.
  One morning I could not even roll out of bed and I was locked into this pain for 2 weeks.  If I found a position I could tolerate, I did not move.  You can guess how little I moved. 
  Let me preface this with some background.  Much like MS, the Pernicious Anemia I have is a demyelinating nerve disease.     Thousands of miles of nerves are sheathed with myelin in our bodies, for protection and aid in conduction of nerve impulses.  Trust me....things go haywire without this protection.
   Anyway....I went onto OTC ibuprofen alternating with Tylenol and dug out the physical therapy stretches  for sciatic nerve.  The stretches are simple, and easy, but very painful at first.  Several days passed before I could do more than 2 or 3 at a time.   The weather cleared and I woke up one morning and could walk!
  I can't really say what did the trick, but for the first time in 12 days I walked down the hall to the sewing room!  I took it easy for a few days to be sure I wasn't dreaming, but made plans to get something done this month.   The weather predicted 9 straight days of warmer temps and sunny days.  I could go for that.

    I had 2 quilts to pin and ready for quilting.  So that was my focus for a couple of days.  They are stacked by Hot Legs....soon I hope.
   It was also time to change out a couple of wall hangings for something  little more spring time.  I found this one from 2012, made while participating in an early version of Project Quilting.  I don't remember the challenge, but know this was based on a photo of a Pasque flower I took in Alaska.  The colors make we happy so I hung it in the office for some springtime color.

   I spotted some fabric while browsing on line.....held myself back for a day.  Then gave in and ordered it.  No sooner than it arrived and I cut into it, did the second round of my March  madness happen. 
  And that's a story for the next post.    Because today I need some machine time.  Therapy for me.  Happy stitching.
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