Friday, December 20, 2013

Home for the holidays

  It's Friday, and we are staying home for the holidays......for a number of reasons.  Number one was the driving weather, and then the health of Sir Old Man's father has nose-dived this week with pneumonia and congestive heart failure.  Dad is back in the nursing home now and doing better.    And lastly, I have had the stomach bug that is going around.   Today finally, I can eat a little.  Not ready for chocolate yet, but soon I hope!

   The good news is that we will be here for nephew Remy's visit...and of course, the rest of the family ;)
I had word from a very reliable source that Remy was very taken with the Elf on the Shelf mystic.  So nothing would do, except to adopt one here.
   Mason Dinklejarrel arrived yesterday and made himself at home.  He prefers to be called Dinks and apparently loves mints.  I am so happy that Rudy was pleasant and agreed to share his space with Dinks.  I would hate to have them fighting.
   I know I am just a big kid at heart, but I love to see the wonder and delight in the eyes of those who still believe in magic.  So I am planning to have some fun with Dinks this season!
  Tomorrow begins the cooking ahead/baking time that I thought I would avoid this year.  But that is part of what I do and who I am.  So why fight it?
   There's a wonderful post from Wanda at Exuberant Color today.....her studios revealed!   You don't want to miss it.  Nothing like envy to make you want to get busy.
Happy stitching.

A little extra-----The Elf on the Shelf is magical.  He watches over the child and reports back to Santa each night.  When he returns the next day, he will probably be resting in a new place.  He often brings extra treats.  But you can not touch him, that could hurt his magical powers.  And he loves to hear how your day went and what good things you did each day.
  Imagine my 4 year old nephew up before dawn, using a flashlight to find his Elf!  We all need that little bit of magic each day.

Friday, December 13, 2013

A little gift making

  The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur.  December arrived and is half over before I come up for air.  First, comes the baking.....bread, and apple bread, and cookies....all those goodies for friends and neighbors.  Second, I jumped into making market tote bags to hold the good stuff----sort of a gift within a gift.  I did not realize how long 8 of those bags would take!     I did quilt the fabric---that took up a lot of time.  The bag is just a simple toe with no pockets, just lots of room for stuff!

   I finished up the last 2 yesterday and shopped today for a couple of  extra items for them.   This one is a "spa bag" theme....good book, candle, soap and scrubby.  I looked for a matching hand towel to include, but no luck today.
  I also did one with the "cooking" theme with a cookbook, chopping mats, and cake cover.  That one will be for my nephew's girlfriend who loves to bake.

  These were a lot of fun to do.... only wish I had planned further ahead to make them. All my ideas seem to hit at the last minute.  

  We are sitting on the fence about traveling to Michigan.....right now they are in a deep freeze and Sir Old Man is not keen on traveling in sub-freezing temperatures.  Getting through the mountains to head north is rough this time of year.
   In between everything else, I have been stringing along on these blocks using up some floral fabric scraps.  I have the foundation pieces cut for another 5 blocks, so that may be where it ends up.  I have no idea for the final arrangement.....but I think I will put a sashing between them for a window pane look.  Lynne at Never too hot to stitch   showed one today that she sashed....and I love how it turned out.
  Usually at this time of year, I recap  my year, and post plans for next year.  Honestly, I am tired right now.....this old gal is feeling the years.  I must need a strong cup of coffee and chocolate.....happy stitching.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Bingle Jells!

  Bingle Jells all the way! Oops, I just woke up from my long Autumn nap, and that should be Jingle Bells.  In case, you don't know me, I am Rudy the official and very sociable mascot for the Get Your Mrs. Claus On project.
   My Mrs. Claus had this bright idea a few years ago to make a few doll quilts to go along with the doll beds and cradles that the Greenville Woodworker's Guild  make each year.  Since  Sir Old Man is the woodworker and my Mrs. Claus is the quilter, the projects just complimented each other.
  Well, let me tell you, what she thought was a few doll quilts needed actually was  60 that first year.   That is when so many wonderful blogging quilters stepped up....actually sewed up a storm.....and helped my Mrs. Claus fill the need.  And the Get Your Mrs. Claus On project began.
    Since then, quilts arrive all through the year from around the world.  Each one special, and wonderful.  And a very big antler shake and thank you goes to that group of quilters from the HGTV Message Board.  This group of quilters have supported this project from several years now,  and really stepped up when my Mrs. Claus broke her shoulder.  They send quilts dedicated to every state in the USA and territories too.  You can't imagine how excited Mrs. Claus gets when she opens one of the packages and sees where it is from and which state it represents!

   This year close to 80 beds and cradles were made by those busy elves at the Greenville Woodworker's Guild.  In total over 540 wooden toys.....beds, cradles, chairs, push toys, wooden puzzles, cars, trucks, and fire trucks were made.  All of them to be given to various organizations that work with children----from hospitals, to child development centers, and rescue groups.  These quality toys and quilts are much needed and will be much loved.  And....a new addition was  bed/cradle mattresses and little pillows made by the wife of one of the woodworkers!   See what we started.....another antler shake.

  Anyway, on Saturday, I got to oversee the packing up of the doll quilts.  One giant, huge display was being set up at the woodworker's complex.  Twenty five woodworkers, wives, and student woodworkers---students of that Pesky Elf--- were on hand to unpack toys, set up tables, and turn it all into a wonderful display.  So, without any more words from me....enjoy the show of toys and quilts.

There are going to be a lot of very happy children this year....don't you agree?   Thank you all....each Mrs. Claus....for making this year a success from me---Rudy, and the Pesky Elf, all the toy maker elves, and of course, Sir Old Man and my Mrs. Claus.  Wishing you Merry Christmas and lots of jingle bell days.
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