Saturday, January 4, 2020

Wonky Courthouse Steps

  Off and on during the last two weeks I worked on joining the multitude of wonky courthouse step  blocks.  From my stack of 80 completed blocks came a top. 
  These wonky blocks  are from Bonnie Hunter's tutorial and I sure enjoyed building them.  The strip widths vary and not all seams are straight like the strings, but they all came together.  . 

   And anything goes here.  Close up you can see the odd mix of fabrics. But the above full view just shows a dancing top full of color.   

I really thought I would eat thru the scraps and strings.....but still more strings lie in wait. 
  I did a stay stitch around the entire top to keep seams from popping and things from stretching.  I now need to find backing, or sew odd bits together or if all else fails....order backing for this.
   This was a perfect project for me ......dealing with the extreme pain in my hands and joints.  Such that the doctor is referring me to a rheumatologist  to see if they can determine another course of treatment.  I agreed but am very doubtful they can help.   Even so this will be my first project for the year. 

  This morning's emails brought a wonderful note from Andrea who blogs in Australia   I don't follow her but she found my blog and the Chandelier Bead blocks I did posts about .   She was asking to use the block pattern for Friday Night sews for her guild.  She said many of the members make blocks and turn them into charity quilts.    I was thrilled to agree and so glad she even thought to ask.  I am hoping some of these blocks get turned into quilts for the bushfire victims there.  It is just horrific what they are dealing with. 
  Happy stitching.     
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