Sunday, December 30, 2018

Looking back and ahead

 2018 draws to a close and finds me with few things done and lots of ideas.  So that is a good thing.  I went thru and added to my page under the banner for  2018 Quilts.  So it is up to date with my finishes.....I had more starts than finishes.  A lot of piecing done because it is easier on my joints.

     Looking back, my Garden in a Box is my favorite.    Simple, and unassuming.  Contrasting floral fabrics make up each box and are a good display of my collection of fabrics.    It is my nap quilt right now and has been washed several times to total softness. 

   Distant View ....I love it too.  This design had been on my want to make list for a long time.  The trellis effect always enchants me. 

   The On a Roll quilt was donated to the drive for quilts for the victims of  Hurricane Florence.

  So what is left hanging around, left undone? 
I began the 2018 Leader and Ender challenge, called Jewel Box Star.   It is now sewn into a small top and awaiting a border.  I have an idea for it, but that remains to be done.


The oldest UFO/still in progress/ found hidden while cleaning out.....a Scrappy Trips.  This is what I call a "kitchen sink" project.  What ever fabric is long enough, wide enough gets put into it.  That means uglies and all.  Once they are sewn and stitched no one will really notice anyway.  LOL.   I sew a few strips together, press, and wait for a good day to cut apart and restitch the stratas.  So this may last a while longer. 

  The Chandelier Bead block  is still on the design wall.    I add a few more as I get the urge.  Once the stack I have cut are sewn, I will dig thru the stash and find more to add.  I love the simple look.  I think this would be a great donation quilt to get made and have on hand.    Again no rush on it, and I am happy for easy piecing. 

   And under the needle are the Garlic Knot blocks.  I am quilting an all over swirl pattern in the center portion.  I will do something else in the simple border.    I manage some sessions and hope to finish this up in the next week. 

New ideas for this year......
  I have an itch to try a collage type piece.  Not large and not a mass produced pattern.  Probably a floral bouquet to start with.  I know it takes  a certain type of floral print to bring this off.

  A braid of my favorite design patterns.  I am thinking a throw size rather than a wall hanging which I have done.

  And that should hold me for the next few months. 

2018 taught me to appreciate the journey as you never know where the road will take you.  Celebrate your successes.  Let go of the worry.  Expect the unexpected.  Find joy in all you do.  When you get down, look up.  Then get up.
Happy New Year....happy stitching. 


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Updating that Block!

  Today was just busy and I never got past answering emails to update yesterday's post.      There were so many good comments and ideas/suggestions for the simple block---Chandelier Bead---adapted from an uneven 9 patch.  If you are like me, you never get back to read all the comments and might just miss something good:)

  So I wanted to highlight and share a few.
  From Carole at My Carolina Home came the idea to use these blocks for QOV or Carolina Hurricane Quilt.  Great, white and blue:)

From Sharon at Vroomans Quilts is the idea to use this block for the RSC19 ---Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  She's the master of using scraps for special quilts.

Gene Black said he tried a mock up in EQ with dark background and it looked good!  See his version here.

Several agreed with the idea of Christmas fabrics would be pretty.  And a really cool idea from Miss Pat was to make a sample block like for the RSC, and attach a note of measurement/sizes for reference.  Then she doesn't have to try and remember where it came from.

So here's hoping you find some inspiration from the ideas and create your own special one.
Happy stitching.

Monday, December 10, 2018

More of those blocks

  Don't say that "S" word around this part of the country......I heard the stores sold out of milk, bread,  and eggs in a few hours.  It's a southern thing to panic when you hear the weatherman say that. 
  Luckily we were on the lower edge of it all and got plenty of rain, mist, and then the sleet came.  All night I could her it pinging on the windows.  I am sure there was some heavy snowflakes mixed it, but we ended up with a thick crust of probably 2 1/2''.  Today it has hovered above freezing and a lot of melting has occurred, but the word is the roads are a slushy mess.  We will wait it out tomorrow as there will be a lot of re-freezing tonight.

  I worked on some blocks that had been cut out already.  I talked about these last week.  Strung together on-point and they resemble beads on a chain, or baubles on a chandelier.  Hence, I am referring to them as Chandelier  Bead block like I found on Pinterest. 

  So I am just playing around with these for now using a white or cream background. 
I wonder what light colored squares would look like on a darker background....just a thought.

  And because I know I will get questions......
   My block is from EQ7, the Uneven 9 Patch Block.  I simply removed 2 opposing corner squares, increasing the bottom and top background strip to the correct length. 
  The size I am using will give a 6 1/2'' unfinished block. 

Recipe  for block:
 Cut from color fabric
    Center square is 3 1/2'' by 3 1/2''
    Two corner squares are 2'' by 2''

Background:  Cut from white/cream
   two strips 2'' by 3 1/2''
   two strips 2'' by 5''

  You can easily make these larger, begin with the center square and do the math:)
I think they would be good in Christmas fabrics even. 
Happy stitching.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cactus and woodworking

    Time to decorate I know.  Just a few items came out this year and we are using the simple small pre-lit trees.  Sir Old Man hung the door decorations. 

  I spotted this lovely red blooming cactus at the store this week.   I have several cactus---purplish pink, and peachy tone one.  But loved the red for a change, even if the red fades as the blooms age, it looks like holiday to me.


  Sir Old Man has been working on serving trays for gifts and this is the first one finished.  He has been experimenting and arranging wood strips for several weeks.  I think this one is walnut, maple and cherry.


    Different combinations give a different look.  He tries to make me pick a favorite and I can't.   They are each special and unique to the wood combination.
  The photos don't show how satiny smooth they are.  He hand rubs the finish in.  No stain is used after he fumes the wood to give it a mellow patina. 


   I was feeling much better after the weather cleared and spent a bit of time in the sewing room..  I added a few more blocks to the Scrappy Trips on the wall.  I love how you can not predict the result, you just never know what the outcome will be like.  And yet, it always seems to work.  Those crazy fabric combinations  can highlight and hide the ugliest of fabrics. 

  I spent some time cutting parts for more of the Chandelier chain blocks.   And woke this morning with pain...severe tendinitis pain in my wrist and thumb.  Guess that is a no-no......and combine it with the bad weather ---could be rain, or sleet, or snow----heading our way, I may be out of business for a few days.   I already feel it in my shoulder and feet. 
  I have cookies to make for the holidays.    And fruit cake bars were/are  in the plans for the weekend.  Maybe I can sew up the parts I already cut, and then teach Sir Old Man how to safely use the rotary cutter if I need extra. 
Happy stitching.
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