Tuesday, April 20, 2021

 Hi All - 

thank you to all the friends my mom has made while she has been writing her blog & her years quilting.  

Thank for the support & prayers.

This morning at 10.43am my mom passed away from the cancer that took over quickly.  She was surrounded by me (Daughter), Sir Old man & her brother.  

She will be missed & I know she influenced many of you to experiment & take chances with your quilting.  Keep doing that in her honor.  

Thank you again.


Friday, March 26, 2021

Updating my saga

 Before forget....I wanted to share the photo from Irina of her finished watercolor quilt.  It was a Whims kit that she modified to fit the arrangement layout that she wanted.   She did an amazing job with the applique and then added beading accents.  I think it is stunning.

Now to the update.  I have shared with a few followers who have emailed me.   I am very weak and wanted to give a link to all friends and family too to the Caring Bridge site we set up..

  This link will take you there to follow my saga.  To leave comments there you must be a registered user, which is a simple process at no cost.  Even without registering you can read about the health saga.  
Thank you all for your support and encouragement.  Make a quilt and pass it on.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Took a long break

   I missed a whole month, an entire 31 days.  January was a blur for me of doctors--another one retired and a new one began, medications, appointments, and changes.  The drug changes did not have the desired improving effect....lol, no surprise there really.  So I am on a new regime and we will re do the testing in another 6 weeks.  

  Then came the day of the vaccine.....I really wish I had not done this.  For me, it was a bad idea.  I handle other stuff but not this one.  Within 12 hours I was flat out on my back, with chills, aches, headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, plus wheezing.  I know, I know.  I read that most people recover from side effects in 48 hours.  Well, 4 days later and I can barely stand up and I am on a tele visit with the doctor.  It is now 10 days later and I am still enduring the stomach distress, but all else is better.  Except the fatigue.  I am up 2 hours at a time and then need a rest.     I will survive but I won't be getting a second vaccine shot.  I will take whatever 50% or so effectiveness and run!    Please, do your own research and make your own decision about the vaccine.  I am just writing this for my record more than anything.  I do know many who had no problem at all....including Sir Old Man.  

  On to much better things.  I did manage to get some sewing done and got the leader and ender project joined into a top.  This is the Easy Breezy project from Bonnie Hunter.  It's a year's worth of leader and ender units.   I have the strips cut for the first narrow border.  Hoping to get them sewn on soon.  

  I was at a very low point in the middle of the month, when an email came from a reader, who asked for some advice on free motion quilting and watercolor quilts.  Since I am a sucker with lots of opinions, I had to jump in and respond.  

  What has followed has been a wonderful  opportunity to share, teach, and inspire.  For me, that is the fun of having a blog.  Irina is from an area with no quilt shops or nearby quilters to turn to.  She said she tried FB but got only "likes" and little input.  So, we began talking and working with her thru a project she wanted to make.  

  Irina wanted shadow boxes around the fairy blocks, with sashing and border.  I suggested the multiple rows of straight line quilting for the shadow box areas, and some wavy lines in the border.  It turned out great!



  And that was my month!  

Here's for improving days and warmer temperatures for us all.  I hope to seek down the hall and sew for a while.

Happy stitching.  

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