Tuesday, November 26, 2019

With Gratitude

  The last 2 weeks have been a mix of projects and dealing with medications and insurance.    Sir Old Man  hit a point that he needed medication adjustment....emails, office visit, new Rx, discontinued medication, etc.  Then to come up for review for insurance just before the holidays!  Finally we think we have it straightened out but he will return to the doctor for a check in 2 weeks.  This getting older is not for the weak-hearted, or the soft-minded!  You need a thick skin like a tough old bird to reach this stage of life. 
  With the Thanksgiving season nearing, I tried to find the time/make the effort to get thru with my banner.   I got the quilting done and finished the binding this week. 

  Such a timely sentiment that needs to be viewed and thought about each day.  I have elected to hang it on the pantry door, as I must pass by it 20 times a day at least. 
  I quilted it with a mix of meandering and some swirls for texture.  I had intended to use straight line quilting, but after 2 rows, I stopped and ripped it out.  It was just not what I wanted. 

    I am grateful that Sir Old Man had a can of New Skin spray----think super glue in a spray can.  I made a nice slice in my thumb when chopping apples.  It was  more a flap of skin type cut and hard to stop the bleeding.  Glued together, and dinner finished and no trip to the ER. 

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors   I am grateful for my new scissors.....the large handled Kay Buckley ones with the serrated edges.  Believe me they are wonderful.  Relief for my poor hands and wrists.   I actually just order the next smaller size for a Christmas present for me----to save Sir Old Man the shopping trip.  :)   I am sure he will be grateful, too.

  We are not planning any feast, so I am grateful I can cook a few things and not stress over a big meal. 
  I am grateful to be almost finished with the quilting on the seasonal panel quilt.  I am liking how it looks. 
   To my blog friends far and wide, I am grateful to share with you.  I wish you a joyful, thankful day and week fill with fun, food, and family.   Until then, happy stitching. 


Friday, November 8, 2019

From panels to tops

   Working away and making a huge mess in the sewing room.  I will have to take a few days next week to get things back in order.

  First up......from Panel to top is the seasonal throw.  The color is not good on the outer border....it is all in gray tones.  It reminds me of looking out thru a window with stained glass around it.  I have the red dot backing cut, washed and pressed.  Ready for pinning to quilt.  The binding is cut and ready to stitch together. 
   It may have taken a couple of design tries to get this one figured out....but I feel it was worth it. 

  In between putting this one together I worked on more of the wonky courthouse step blocks.....I have strips everywhere. That's the part that I need to clean up before going further.

  Second panel to top.....this is a small wall hanging.   When the inspiration hit for this one 2 days ago,  nothing would do until I started.  I mean I could not concentrate on anything else.
 With all the crazy madness going on in the world I find it too easy to fall into the  habit of being bitter and angry.  I am here, I am alive.  I am able to do things, and I can think for myself.   I need to focus on all the good things I am....all the things to be grateful for.   I want to begin each day with a grateful heart.

The center was part of a pre-printed panel I got in North Carolina.  Surrounding this sentiment with my floral squares was natural.  Combining two things I love.....words and flowers. 
  Right now it is pinned to the design wall.  I will decide how to finish it off once I get the seasonal top quilted. 

       This morning was the day......for shopping for new chairs.  The air cylinder took it final gasp on my sewing room chair, and Sir Old Man had been practically sitting on the floor in his office chair.   I tried researching them on line and realized, I needed to sit in the chair.  I needed a higher one for the sewing room.  If I sit higher and have the correct 90 degree angle for my arms, I do not get a back ache. 
   so after sitting in almost every chair in the office store, we found one.  Just one, and of course it was the pricey $$$ one too.  With a name like Tempurpedic of course it is.  Lol.  I sit high now :)

  It was so nice to be out and see the trees with some color.  Freeze warnings tonight so the leaves will disappear quickly now.  I had to pull out my wrist supports again.  I am grateful to have them  when the inflammation gets bad.  Of course, I have been over doing it.  I will take the weekend off.  Stay warm and happy stitching.   

Friday, November 1, 2019

New month with a project

  I turned the calendar over to a new month and I am shocked to see how little I have to show for the last month!  I worked on a few small things but nothing to completion.  So, to remedy that I have been quietly working on a seasonal quilt.
  When we went to NC for apples and upholstery fabric for the window bench for Sir Old man,  I saw so many beautiful panels there.  I will admit to being a panel or pre-printed snob over the years.  LOL.....it came back to bite me as I came home with several different panels.

   These pre-printed place mats were just waiting for me.  And they were on the clearance discount table.  As far as I am concerned you can't beat blue and yellow,  and the design is done.  I just have to finish and quilt.  There is a strip of smaller designs too that could be turned into mug rugs to match. 

   Then I saw a small  section of six of these panes.....also on the clearance table.  I thought they would be good for a table runner maybe.   Or just maybe a small throw.  I have been looking for inspiration on Pinterest as to how to set the blocks together.    A plan is a good thing to have in advance.  Read on and you will understand.

  This is the seasonal project I have been working on.  The center print is a winter scene that is very retro in design, almost a 1950s style print. 
  First thought.... I could surround it with log cabin blocks.  I won't even show you how bad an idea that was.
  Second thought.....border it with a braid strips of mixed blues, grays, gold, and red.  I even got so far as to sew two sides on when I realized I was hating it!
  So after unsewing and sweating it out a bit, I decided that simple is best.  I went with the stained glass look.  Or I should say the random stained glass look.  The inner border is mixed colors and sizes, and the outer is all in grays with a stray smaller block mixed in to make things fit. 
   I learned that my math skills are very rusty.  Every time I tried to figure out the sizes for the sections, I came up with something different.   So I just cut, and fitted and fudged where needed.  A whole lot less stress that way.  If you are looking for perfection, it left for better places. :)   I have 2  last sides to add and then I can look for a backing.    I might just manage to get this done before the cold settles in here. 
   Happy stitching.   
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