Year of Floral quilts

   In 2015, I began the journey I described as The Year of Florals.  The intent was to explore traditional patterns that could feature floral fabrics.  Along the way I wanted to  see what happened with the use of value and placement, and hopefully put a dent into my floral stash.    It is now 2 years later, and I am still exploring.  By grouping the quilts here, maybe I can inspire others!   Details are available in the blog post for each quilt.  Check the archive for the correct post.
      Where My Feet May Fall   March 2015

Home Ties   April 2015
Pattern is Carolina Chain from Bonnie Hunter

Field of Blooms   2015
Carolina Chain blocks in florals and batiks.  
Added border makes a difference, too.

Metamorphosis   April 2015
String blocks with sashing

Catching the Light
Bargello of florals

Summer Potpourri
Quarter log cabin blocks

Table Runner in the Piano Keys pattern

Season's Glow    2016
Orange peels in floral fabrics

Pineapple Profusion  2016-2017
Pineapple Blossom blocks in floral fabrics

Bow-quet   2017
Traditional Bow Tie blocks

Lavender Scents
 Bargello design in floral fabrics.
 Gifted to my favorite cousin.

Timeless   2017
 Classic 9 patch in floral fabrics with a flange binding.

Reflections    2017
Watercolor lap size throw.  Light drifts across the quilt top
like light reflecting across the water.

Ride the Rails
Rail Fence pattern using 4 strips per block--
shaded dark to light.

Mountain Reflection

Majesty Mountain pattern in floral fabrics.  
I have done this one before, but used a different setting.


Rhonda Tenderholt said...

I was wondering, is there a pattern for the quilt in your profile/page picture?

EleniaGold said...

Dear Debbie, that's wonderful! I am your admirer from far Saint-PEtersburg in Russia!

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