Monday, April 20, 2020

Lost track of the day/week

  Before I get emails checking on me, I thought I needed to stick my head up and do a post!  Days have run together as there is nothing to set forth a routine any more.  Regular household chores of cooking and laundry, time reading, and sitting outside in the sun, doing jig-saw puzzle fill in the hours between small bouts of sewing and making masks to fill requests.  I am now out of what little elastic I found hidden in the closet. 

  Sewing.....I did some big quilt wrangling and wrestling to get the wonky courthouse steps quilted!  What a chore this one was.  Or it could be the wrist and hand pain just made it seem that way.  Anyway, it is done and ready for a wash. 
 My blocks are 8''  and the quilt finished up at about 64'' by 80''. 
   I began the blocks in the fall of last year, and just used whatever was in the string and scrap bins.  Collectively, everything comes together so long as you are 3 feet away!  Lol. 

   The tutorial is from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville....she called them crooked courthouse steps.  

  I am now sewing rows together on the "keeping my sanity during the pandemic" sting quilt.  This is a much smaller project!  The blocks I am working with here are 4 ''.  I intended these to create a wall hanging, so we will see what happens as I progress. 

  We have had big storms, lots of rain, cool days, and now warmer spring days of sunshine.  I have had a teleconference doctor visit, a physical visit for the eye doctor, cancelled appointments, and not a single trip to the store.  How life changed in a few days and now lasting over 7 weeks of stay at home, I think.

    The one thing I truly miss.....the one thing I really need.....a hair cut!  I am so hoping that the salon will open up soon.  I can order a lot online, but haircuts are not offered that way.  I have threatened to just shave my head and be done with it all, but Sir Old Man told the hairdresser and she gave me a lecture and a half. 
     And as soon as this quilt is washed and dried, A short nap will be needed. 
Happy stitching.  Stay safe and well. 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Morning Glories!

  Finished small wall hanging that I called Morning Glories.  I am not sure that there are turquoise morning glories but that is what I was reminded of here. 

 The design began as slightly abstract with dark on the side and a band of dark across.  The more I looked at it, I could see a fence post with broken post.  That lead me to adding some applique using these bold flowers in gold and turquoise. 

 Note the applique is fused fabric , cut out and tucked close to each other to create illusion of a vine climbing the post.  All edges are machine stitched with a small zig-zag stitch.

   So morning glories climbing a broken post seems a natural.  I ended up with a light binding...which is not what I wanted, but now it is done. 
  Hung on the office door it offers up a bright spot of Spring in our troubled world. 
    I think I am on my 21st day of house-bound habitation.  Not completely stir-crazy yet, but approaching outer limits of sanity!  After finishing laundry this morning, I am heading for the porch out back to enjoy some sun and fresh air.  Stay safe and stay well.
Happy stitching.
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