Thursday, October 24, 2019

From the workshop---Window Bench

    Even though I seem to have been asleep here lately, Sir Old Man finished a project recently.  The window bench  to match the bed.  You can see it is already being used :)
  We made the trek to the apple orchard last week with a short stop at Foam and Fabric  to find  fabric to  cover the seat cushion.    I found some fabric too....but I will save that for another time.

 On to the details......

  The wood is cherry to match the bed.  No stain was used, instead he fumes the wood.  The natural wood reacts with the ammonia and darkens to a rich patina in a few days.  Then a sealing finish is hand rubbed in and sanded down.  In this case, 3 times. 
   The stretcher bars have a slight curve at the base, and the end slats are wide. 

   I love the small detail he added to the end of the end post.  It's a much softer effect than just squared off.  Sir Old Man adjusted the original pattern to fit the space under the window.  And before anyone asks the original pattern is from Wood magazine October 2010.  No idea is the pattern is available anywhere else.   

  This photo is probably the truest color for both the wood and the cushion.  The cushion is 2'' high density foam wrapped in a double layer of batting.  It is stapled to a 1/2'' piece of plywood which is screwed to the frame. 

  So.....ta-da!  A beautiful addition once again from the woodworking shop of Sir Old Man. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

From the Quilt Show and fabric......oh my!

  A few photos--borrowed/stolen from other members-- to share from our guild quilt show that I viewed on Sunday.

   Even though I have only tried one of the one block wonder quilts, this one was fascinating to me.  You have to look close to see the center portion is a printed panel!  The OBW blocks fill the bottom and part of the sides.  Of course, it helped my interest because of the floral garden theme.  I thought it was a beauty.

   This was a miniature entry made by Ruth Bartholomew, one of the show chairmen.  It is a tribute to  Ida Strauss, who was on the Titanic when it sunk.  Ruth was recently in the musical locally and played the part of Ida.  and she received great reviews.   The story behind the art creates that magical quality to make it so special.  Great job, Ruth.

  And the minute I turned the corner and saw this, I knew Sarge had made it!  It is full of glitter and sparkles, and has a personality all its own.....just like the quilter!

Image may contain: indoor

    And Sarge is also a very serious quilter......her hexie project, Blooming Through Grief shows it.   She literally stitched her heart into this one. 

   The featured quilter was Jaylynn, a wonderful friend and prolific quilter.  This has always been one of my favorite quilts that she made.  It features her Oriental fabric collection and it is just glorious in person.


 And the fabric.....oh, my! 

   The photo should explain that quickly enough.  A guild fund raiser is always a big fat quarter basket.  I bought a few tickets of course.  Janet was in charge this year and as per her usual self, she did an outstanding job.  So when the phone call came and said I won, oh, my!

   By her count there are about 40 yards of fabric in fat quarters along with a few books.    I spotted some wonderful blues, and greens,  a few orange ones for pumpkins I think, and a couple of florals.   All in all, just fun and many thanks to the fabric  muse that sent them my way.

  I survived the dentist appointment this morning and am sipping warm tea to ease the ache.  A new book is just the thing to help. 
Happy stitching. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Runner and wall hanging for Fall

   According to the Almanac, fall has begun.    I do wish our weather listened to them ;)  Temps in the mid 90s is not conducive to anything but staying inside! But I went ahead and pulled out a few wall hanging and runner to at least remind me of fall days. 
  Then this morning I read Carole's post at From my Carolina Home.  Her Autumn Jubilee begins today.  You should jump on over and check out what she has going on......and all her sponsors this year.   Patterns, inspiration, and prizes!

 This runner was made from her patterns during the Jubilee  a few years ago!

  I only made a couple of blocks of each one and then "made up " a border of odd pieces I had in the leftover bin.  But  it all worked together.   And I love how it fits the new cabinet just perfectly.

This is one of my favorite fall wall hangings....from 2016!    This year I am using on the pantry door.  The link for the pattern still works.....Pineapple from Havel sewing.   So grab it if you are interested. 

   Not a lot of new sewing got done this month.  Sorting though things,  I found more leftover parts.....actually I have 2 bins of those.  But there were enough HST of the same size that I decided to turn them into pinwheel blocks.  I am waiting for more inspiration on this.  I think it needs a wider border and then a round of something/anything....we will see. 

  But......I got bit by the Bonnie String Scrap bug again yesterday.  I had already played around with the wonky version using mixed sizes of strings for the court house block.  And made a start on a few others.  And then this morning she posted a full tutorial for the Crooked Courthouse Steps.   So you can guess what I may be working on for a while.  Actually they are quite easy which is really good for me right now. 

Happy stitching.
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