Monday, May 28, 2018

Another bowl....just thread

    I remembered a package of corded piping that I had from a yard sale years ago.  I thought it might work for a "naked bowl".....just thread and piping cord.   Also this is a round one....much harder to get a good start on than an oval.  Or maybe I am just a bit uncoordinated.    The piping cord is smaller than the clothesline used on the previous bowl.  This is probably 1/4''.  The package did not have the size noted. 
 I started with a light blue thread but found it difficult to see where I was stitching with so little contrast.  I switched out to a darker color.  It is actually a turquoise blue.


  Since this project was just an experiment, I wanted to try to make the handle like I had seen on Pinterest.  I was getting to the end of the 15 yards in the package and wasn't sure about the size or spacing.  So I decided to get creative and do a single handle.  More of a grab handle than a pick it up handle. worked and wasn't really hard.

   The knot for finishing is just that......a plain knot left to fuzz up.  I did some extra stitching just above the knot to anchor it.   I need to develop a better ending  technique.  Guess that means I need more cording and practice. 

  I plan on using this one in the great room for when I work on the Featherweight.  It is a nice generous size about 7'' across and about 4 1/2'' high.   Since there was no fabric used to wrap around the cording, the project went together quickly.  I would say about 1 1/2 hours start to finish.  Just round and round.

   We are soggy here....rain and more.  At least it is not the heat some are having.  The tropical storm is expected to brush by us and bring lots more.  I will have to wade thru the parking lot tomorrow for my doctor's appointment, I guess.  We have already had over 4 '' rain this past week.  Now you see why I made another bowl:)

 Blogger is on the fritz right now.....comments are not going to our inbox for replies.  So I may not reply to comments.  If you have questions for now, use my email link for answers.  Thanks.  Happy stitching.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer Light

  A new wall hanging, door banner, or table runner.......this is for a donation to my guild's silent auction for the annual quilt show.  I debated on omitting the border.........but opted for making it  bigger for use as a banner.  I used straight line stitching  for the quilting. 

   The border is a very deep mottled green.  And I thought it needed a pop of color  to set it off. 

 The accent strip is a flange.  It is a 1''  strip that is folded in half.  The raw edges align with the edge of the pieced center.  I stitch it in place first with a long stitch.  Then the border is attached as usual.   That leaves the accent flange loose.  It is nice to create dimension.
  For the color of the is a buttery tan.  I like the way it brings out the yellow tones in the piece.

  And as I finish up each project, I have more scraps to deal with.  The extra binding from the banner was cut to make garlic knot block.  Guess I will just make these until I am full!

  The garlic knot blocks were begging to be played with too this weekend.   I joined 4 of them together to hang on the design wall.  I decided that the pieced knots will all go in one direction and create the "neutral knot" in the background.
   I have about 40 blocks made and another 15 or so clipped together to be sewn.  I treat myself to stitching a block together when I only have a short amount of time to sew.  Just for fun:)

  The string star is being pinned today, so it can go under the needle soon.  Happy stitching.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Rope bowl

 Sometimes a project has several factors that brings it to life.  In this instance I needed something to sit on my thread cabinet  to corral pins and scissors and such.   Everything I tried just slid off and I was quite concerned I would scratch its beautiful surface without a mat or something.   Secondly, the scrap strips were exploding out the drawers again.

 That's when I got inspired to make a large coiled rope bowl  for holding all those necessary items.   It has been several years since I played with the rope bowls, so I went to Pinterest to gain ideas.   Plenty of tutorials and such there, so I won't even think about doing one.
   Then I sent Sir Old Man to the hardware store for me.  I need clothesline rope.  He has learned it is better to just do as I request.  I am sure he thought I was forgetting that I have a new dryer that works great. 

    I pulled out the strip drawer and decided to cut the 2'' strips to 1''.  More twisting required but it looks neater with a narrower strip.  I can see I need to give the top edges a hair cut now! 
   Anyway, I covered lots of rope, probably 30 feet, and used lots of clips to hold things in place.   Then I filled a bobbin to match to taupe Isacord thread I planned to use.  It took me a couple of sessions to get everything zig-zagged together. 
  Bowl is about 10'' across and about 4'' high.  With the mechanic dish of pins to weight it down,  it does not slide around.  Success! 

  This is a fun project, and could just inspire me to make a few more.
Happy stitching.

Friday, May 18, 2018

From roses to coasters

   A week of rain brought the blooms out.  This is one...just one...cluster of blooms on the small heirloom rose shrub by the back porch.  There are probably 200 buds/blooms on it right now.  Very lightly scented and just perfect to enjoy inside. 

   With all the rain, I have not gotten a lot done....rain equals pain.  So I have worked in spurts and short bits to get anything accomplished. 

  Sir Old Man took me to quilt guild this week.  We had a great program by Joyce Walton and her quilting journey.  She does some traditional work, and is exploring painting art quilts too.  I was inspired by her "made fabric" borders.  Leftovers sewn into blocks similar to crumb piecing. 

  It brings to mind the cobblestone blocks that Wanda at Exuberant Color shared.     
    I used the cobblestone blocks for the background  in a favorite wall hanging, Heads Up.  I think I still have a box of leftovers from this project.   I need to look for them :)


    Update for the string star......decision made.  I cut the backing this morning.  It will not get larger after all.

   I had a few leftover blocks that did not make it into the star top.  And I sure did not want more leftover parts.  I elected to turn them into small coasters!  Much more usable that leftover blocks. These finished up at 4''.   

   Now to get the floral log cabin pinned....happy stitching.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Variety and options

  Time just gets away from me and blogging takes a hit it seems.  I did not realize it had been a week since I posted.  I was able to get thru most of the items I put on my list to accomplish last week. 

    I had the floral log cabin up on the design wall, and in need of squaring up the edges.  Got that taken care of and decided I needed a small border at least.  So I added that.  Now, she needs pinning and quilting.  I ordered batting and it arrived yesterday, so I am putting that onto the list for the next week or so. 

   My container of leader and ender 2 patches is filling up!  I keep a stack of them next to the machine to use when I am joining blocks, and rows, etc.  I finally got the mess of them pressed open.   

 Here's my  Leader/Ender method....a la Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. 
   Any leftover strip of binding or other piece 2 1/2'' wide gets cut into squares.  I keep a tray of them on the cutting table.  Every so often or as needed I sit down and match them into pairs.  These are then stacked up and clipped together by my machine.  At the end of the row....use a 2 patch L/E.   That leaves something under the machine needle as I prep for the next row/block. 

  Part of the 2 patches were stitched as I put together this small lap quilt of string blocks.  The blocks were 5 1/2'' unfinished ones I had left over from something.  So this is only 40 by 40 inches. 

  I have options noted on my list.....

  •  Add a strip around this as border or frame.  
  • Add more blocks to make it larger. 
  •  Add a frame strip and then add string row at top and bottom to turn it into a rectangle design.

 My last bit of variety for the week was sewing up this watercolor for a table runner.  Lots of rows mean lots of leader and ender parts:)    It needs a good squaring up and pressing before I get it finished.


   I stole this off facebook this week.  May I add.....each day is a miracle too!
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Small foot rest!

   I hinted that Sir Old Man was working on a couple of small things for the sewing room.  I have been asking for a nicer foot rest to go under the sewing machine / and the quilting machine. 
   Up to this time I have been using an upside down  soft drink case  as a foot rest.  Ergonomically, it keeps my legs at a 90 degree angle while sewing. 
   While he was at it, he re-worked the foot pedal rest and made it fit a bit tighter.  No sliding around now of the pedal while I am sewing.  There is also one of these in the works for under the Tiara quilting machine :)

 Made of Baltic Birch plywood with a natural finish.  The bottom support has a shaped curved edge so it can rock back and forth  :)    It sits at a slight angle that is comfortable.  He added grooves across the top to provide some texture to kept my foot from slipping.    The size is 10'' by 12'' and about 3 1/2'' high. 


   I love the improvement in looks compared to the old soda crate.  And it functions great!

   I have errands to run this I hope to visit the sewing room later today and put it all to use. 
Happy stitching. 
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