Monday, October 25, 2010

Ergonomic tip....

Here's what I added to my sewing set up recently.  An over-turned crate---about 5 inches high---to elevate my machine foot pedal.   Plus, it is  large enough  as a support for my other foot when stitching.  I can now sit back in the chair rather than perch on the edge.  The overall result is better posture, reduced back pain, and I feel I have better control over the fabric, and machine.   Why didn't I think of this sooner?
  The rest of the salvaged crates---saved from the dumpster by my husband---are used to hold fabric in the stash closet.  I did a do-over on the closet this past Spring.  This is a today photo, so you can see that I have not reverted back to the "cram it in anywhere" method of storing fabric.  Actually, Saturday I sorted the big bin of scraps and leftovers  from projects  I completed in the last few months.  I set aside a shoe box of pieces for Emily and her lessons, and the rest was cut into strips and squares and put in the correct bins.   I pulled a few pieces out and set aside for use in the small landscapes. 
I  now have 3 boxes of 2 1/2" I will be starting a project soon to put a big dent in those.  I am debating on a scrappy braid, or a log cabin.  Right now, I am leaning towards a braid.....because I get a couple of questions  every week about the braid pattern.   It's very easy, just requires a bit of planning for the layout. 

Happy Stitching....Debbie

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Mary Lou Casada said...

What a great idea, Debbie! I get that hunch-over ache quite a bit and I'm betting a little crate or wooden box under the pedal will do just the trick! Great storage -- everything looks so neat and accessible!!
Mary Lou

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