Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wrapping up the month and a new block

   Things have settled down and I actually have been sewing a little bit.  Over the last week I have had several emails checking on me---thank you---and a couple of emails sharing projects.

   Lesley had emailed me  back in the spring this year about the heart design I had used in the strip pieced watercolor tutorial. 
  She followed the tutorial and  used 6'' blocks.  This is her design in progress. She wanted it a bit larger, so she added more blocks.

   And the photo of the finished quilt on the bed!  I think she did a wonderful job and turned this design into her own.

  Then I heard from Nirosha, who is from Sri Lanke, and is interested in making a water color quilt too.  She said she was not sure she could do it with her basic skills.  She included photos of a quilt she made from dresses she never wore.
   I don't think she needs to worry about her skills, as that piecing looks very good to me :)   And a second photo shows the lovely floral print on the back.  I hope she saves the scraps for a watercolor project.  Her eye for design is impressive and I like that she is self motivated to try.


And in my sewing room.......

  I have begun joining the parts of the leader and ender Jewel Box Star together.  And today I hope to sew them together  in rows.  It is not large, probably 36'' by 48''.  Small for me, but with borders it will be a good throw. 

   And then I uncovered these blocks....along with about 12 more sets of strips ready to sew.  This is from about 3 years ago, I know.
  The blocks are about 9'' unfinished, so I may work on getting this very scrappy  Scrappy Trips done. ...or at least turned into a top.

     I was looking for some very easy sewing/cutting  to do, when I ran across this design on Pinterest.     It is being referred to as Chandelier quilt block.   It looks like a string of beads to me.
  I went to EQ7 and found a block called Uneven 9 Patch that worked perfect for me.  I just eliminated the color in two opposing corners.
     I kept the size simple to use up what I already have cuts of....2'' strips/squares, and 31/2'' squares.  Works fine for me, even if it is not the exact size or whatever in the modern pattern.  This version will be scrappy.

   A little sewing, a little baking, those are my plans for the month to end the year.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Saying Thanks

   There is a saying  that says "it's going to get worse before it gets better."  As much as I would love to deny that and proclaim it false, there in lies some truth.  

   My health issues are autoimmune, meaning my body is constantly attacking itself.  In the case of Pernicious Anemia it all seems to multiply because of the multiple organ and body systems involved.   With neuropathy, there is a slow, very slow healing that is possible......and the last nerves damaged or harmed are the first ones to be repaired.  I won't bore you with the millions of miles of nerves in our bodies, but say instead that  it is a long and winding road to travel.  

  So you guessed quietness here the last few weeks is due to a backward slide.   Balance issues, weakening grip, hip pain.......enough!    I won't go on, but want to just say thanks, and  be thankful, and be grateful, share some hope for a brighter day.  

   Two years ago, I had no feeling in my legs and feet.  Today, I feel and I feel pain more often than not.  Yet, I will count it as a blessing as it is a movement to return to normal.  

  Thanks to Darlene at Quiltshopgal for her suggestion for the Lidocaine patch and roll on for pain in my hands and hip.    I really appreciate the help.  

   I am thankful for the cooler nights, a little frost and sunny days.   A favorite spot this fall with a favorite quilt to cover me as I sip hot tea and read a book.

  This week I am planning the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.....feast of food, family and friends.  Luckily Sir Old Man has developed into a passable helper and does the heavy lifting and stirring for me.  I could not tackle it without him.  

  With a few weeks off, I hope to return to my projects soon.  Until then, I am sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all.
Happy stitching.  
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