Sunday, November 29, 2020

Seasons changing


  The last of the autumn leaves and the first Christmas wreath to go up on the day after Thanksgiving.  That's a good mix.

  The shed turned out very nice after Sir Old Man finished up the painting and trim repair.  I have a request in for a barn quilt sign to hang on the left hand side of the window.  With a birthday and Christmas coming up fast, I hope he can get it made for me. :)

Our weather for the last month has been full of wet and rainy days, and multiple low pressure systems, so my time in the sewing room has been short. 


  Instead of cutting or piecing, I used up some squares already cut for a new watercolor design.  A transitional design maybe that is in direct opposite values. 

   I normally could pull this project together in a few days.....ha!  Over the course of a month, I have it to the just sewn and pressed stage.   Such is life now....slower, much slower.      I am hoping to get this and the spool top prepared for quilting soon....very soon.   

  The Easy Breezy blocks are languishing in a project box.  So I may need to work a bit on them as well as the hourglass blocks.   


I attempted a collage project after an on line class.  It looks good here.....but those tiny pieces are just fused and there is probably no way to really secure them by machine.   Finishing this one as a fused project, not sewn, just for a test is probably the path I will take.  If I have a wall hanging, I want to be able to wash it at some point.  But I picked up some tips and pointers, so I count it as good.  Collage is fun, but probably too tiny and fussy for me to do much with it.  

  And that has pretty much been my month!  Facing December which starts the round of labs and doctors  Until later, happy stitching.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Recycle those signs again and update.

I am re-recycling part of an old post.  Right now is the time to replenish your stash of yard signs.  Clean up the landscape and put those signs to good use.



  About 4 years ago, I began using the mini-bolts for storage.  When I first  began this, I was using a thin plastic insert.  Later I switched  to using  foam core board.  The foam core  can be purchased at the Dollar Store in the 2 foot by 3 foot size usually.  I cut the size-- that works best for me-- 11" to 12" high by 8" wide.    It's easy to cut with a craft knife.  I often end up with smaller sections of the boards and they work great for shorter cuts--- those under a yard. 

Today, I am even more frugal.....I use old  yard campaign signs or yard signs of any kind that I house for sale, or other advertising.  They get knocked down or the wires rust out.  I collect them, wash them up, and cut  to the size I like.    I'm saving the land fill (if they would ever make it there) and keeping my dollars for fabric and thread.  

 Fabric is folded just like it comes off the bolt.  Then one more fold---bringing the folded side over to match the selvedge edge.  Roll it up and pin the end.  
     The mini-bolts make it easy to see what I have to work with.  I am  known to be pretty messy and scattered, so this really helps me neater.   And what fun to shop your own fabric store in your stash closet.

And one more idea.....portable design boards.  

  I use old yard signs.  This one is the plastic type 
of corrugated sign.  I cut mine to 12'' by 16'', 
along with a layer of batting and muslin about 
 1 1/2'' larger on all sides.    Grab the glue stick......

I use the glue stick for a temporary hold.  Run the glue stick along the edge of the board and fold the fabric over.  Press down with finger tips.

Remember the colorful duct tape?  
I found a good use for it here. 
 Pull off a piece long enough for the side.
  Lay the covered board face down onto the tape.  Put the tape around the edge and press down 
onto the back covering the edge of 
the fabric.   I trimmed the ends 
of the tape so that they were flush with the ends.

 Done!  A small work surface that
 easily moves from sewing table 
to ironing board....safely.

  What a time around here......we endured a hurricane, Halloween, and a blue moon,
and a time change.  Sir Old Man had a skin cancer removed from his nose and is 
healing.  One more to go and then we see if he needs the plastic surgery.  


 I survived the stress level by sewing
 units and rows make a top 
with borders out of the spool blocks!

  This is about 1/4 view of the top.
I had 3 extra spool blocks and hated to throw them into 
the orphan box of blocks.  Instead I used them to
extend the pattern to the outer border by inserting them
when I joined strips.  I also used up all the blue  fabric for 
that border.  



I continued making the hourglass blocks. 
 These are ready to be trimmed up. 

And I sorted, and sorted, and sorted 2'' squares
that I have been throwing into a box!
I have a new assortment of floral 2'' squares
to work with from my cutting block pieces.  
I found some inspiration and think it is time to return
to working with them for a while.  So if I don't
surface for a bit, that is where I will be.  
Happy stitching.  

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