Recipe for Blended 4 patch: 

  This is the post with details.   From March 2020.

For all applique patterns here:  These are simply the drawings I worked with.  You will need to save,  and print.   Then trace off the individual pieces for use.

"Rudy"   pattern page 1  for small table top banner.  Approximately 12" by 14".   Be sure to reverse for fusible applique.
   The dashed line is the outer edge of my banner.

"Rudy" pattern page 2   Be sure to reverse for fusible applique.
  The dashed line is the seam line of the border added to the top and left side.  The antlers extend over the seam line into the border.

The Tissue Box Owl.  Be sure to reverse for fusible applique.

String Quilt Layout 
  used for Faceted Jewels Quilt
 This is a guide--road map--that you can color in to develop a color scheme.  I used black for the diagonal through each block, and one side of the diagonal was a color and the opposite side another.  Any color diagonal will work....white will give a softer effect overall.
  Tip for this:  I marked the foundation fabric with the color before I began stitching.  That allowed me to chain piece several of each color family at a time.

  Endless Feathers:
  The tutorial link  is  under the Tutorial page.

  This diagram / pattern should give you a full page of drawing practice before you begin to stitch on fabric.

Scrappy shaded block of value
Variation of a simple 4 patch block that has the look of a  Split 9-patch block.  Made from 5" squares or charm pack.   Uses light fabrics and dark fabrics based on the value for placement.
Post on size and construction for  Scrappy shaded block

Project Cutting List
For you to print.  I like to
print on card stock.  Post is here.

Swatch Card printable

Use for Strip Pieced Watercolor projects, and for Bargello projects.  Any project where many fabrics are used and need to be in consistent order.

 Design Guide for Cascade wall hanging.
      This post has photo for the design guide.
  New: Added August 2014

Design guide/value placement  for small Place Mat.  This is the post with photos for the place mats.  


Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Thank You for sharing your Rudy pattern! I'm sharing with my girls and challenging them to each make one...or two...or Eight!!!

Snow Dog Quiltworks and Woodworks said...

I have fallen in love with "Rudy"! He is so cute!!! Thank you for sharing and even though it's past Christmas, I will have to make a "Rudy" Thanks again, Happy Quilting!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Rosemary B here:
Very nice patterns. Thank you for sharing your talents. I like your blog very much

Unknown said...

Good morning! I have "studied" your tutorials repeatedly because I have wanted to do a colorwash/watercolor quilt for years. Do you ever do classes?

granny lesley said...

I adore your evening serenade bargello quilt and would love the pattern if it is for sale. Thank you for sharing your exquisite quilts. Lesley

Debbie said...

Lesley, you are a no-reply commenter. So I can't contact you. Either change your profile to link to your email or use my email on the side bar. The quilt you refer to is from Eleanor Burns book Quick Trip around the World. It is based on the Quick Quarter Trip technique. The appliques are fused and the frog is done with thread painting using about 15 shades of thread.

Katpoole said...

Really like your ideas

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