Friday, June 13, 2014

Design guide

  I was overwhelmed with requests for a pattern for the Cascade of Light.  Several of you saw it as a waterfall, while I saw light through the trees.  
     My designs come out of my head and are not from patterns......but I came up with a design guide for this one.  It can't really be called a pattern because each square cut is unique and very hard to duplicate exactly.  So this placement guide should help you determine where your fabrics go according to the value.
   There are 5 different values represented on this guide, with suggested placement of dark areas and light areas.   The light, medium, and medium dark green squares will "bridge" the design from light to dark.  The outer row is all dark values that create a border.   If you are going to try this, please spend some time reading thru the extra posts, and on the design tutorial page as well.
    I put together a one page PDF that I will send by email upon request for this guide.
   Hoping this helps.....happy stitching.


  1. Your cascading quilts are lovely & you are such an encourager & help in sharing your techniques. I hope others will try this pretty pattern.

  2. I saw light through the trees with a lovely chair in the middle bottom with me in it, a waterfall wouldn't have worked for me, LOL.

  3. Debbie, thank you so much for the design guide. You are truly a generous quilter, and even though I would never be able to create anything close to your end result, it will be a huge help, and greatly appreciated. The fact that there were varying opinions regarding what we saw in your quilt, proves that we all see thing differently. I usually go with my gut feeling, rather than studying an object, but that's me. My husband, the Engineer, takes his time, ponders and then proceeds to work on whatever task he is working on. I tend to think, after 59 years, that his way is the better of the two. Thanks again Debbi!

  4. Thank you for laying this out Debbie. I would love a copy of the PDF please. I foresee next years Mother's Day gifts...

  5. Thank you for the offer of the pdf. I've always wanted to try one of these quits but have never been brave enough to try one. I've sent an email request!

  6. I'd LOVE a PDF of this design...! Thanks for the offer and your efforts to help by putting this design into a reproducible form!

  7. I`ve never be brave to try one but hope someone do it.Thanks for the pattern!


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