Sunday, December 30, 2018

Looking back and ahead

 2018 draws to a close and finds me with few things done and lots of ideas.  So that is a good thing.  I went thru and added to my page under the banner for  2018 Quilts.  So it is up to date with my finishes.....I had more starts than finishes.  A lot of piecing done because it is easier on my joints.

     Looking back, my Garden in a Box is my favorite.    Simple, and unassuming.  Contrasting floral fabrics make up each box and are a good display of my collection of fabrics.    It is my nap quilt right now and has been washed several times to total softness. 

   Distant View ....I love it too.  This design had been on my want to make list for a long time.  The trellis effect always enchants me. 

   The On a Roll quilt was donated to the drive for quilts for the victims of  Hurricane Florence.

  So what is left hanging around, left undone? 
I began the 2018 Leader and Ender challenge, called Jewel Box Star.   It is now sewn into a small top and awaiting a border.  I have an idea for it, but that remains to be done.


The oldest UFO/still in progress/ found hidden while cleaning out.....a Scrappy Trips.  This is what I call a "kitchen sink" project.  What ever fabric is long enough, wide enough gets put into it.  That means uglies and all.  Once they are sewn and stitched no one will really notice anyway.  LOL.   I sew a few strips together, press, and wait for a good day to cut apart and restitch the stratas.  So this may last a while longer. 

  The Chandelier Bead block  is still on the design wall.    I add a few more as I get the urge.  Once the stack I have cut are sewn, I will dig thru the stash and find more to add.  I love the simple look.  I think this would be a great donation quilt to get made and have on hand.    Again no rush on it, and I am happy for easy piecing. 

   And under the needle are the Garlic Knot blocks.  I am quilting an all over swirl pattern in the center portion.  I will do something else in the simple border.    I manage some sessions and hope to finish this up in the next week. 

New ideas for this year......
  I have an itch to try a collage type piece.  Not large and not a mass produced pattern.  Probably a floral bouquet to start with.  I know it takes  a certain type of floral print to bring this off.

  A braid of my favorite design patterns.  I am thinking a throw size rather than a wall hanging which I have done.

  And that should hold me for the next few months. 

2018 taught me to appreciate the journey as you never know where the road will take you.  Celebrate your successes.  Let go of the worry.  Expect the unexpected.  Find joy in all you do.  When you get down, look up.  Then get up.
Happy New Year....happy stitching. 


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Updating that Block!

  Today was just busy and I never got past answering emails to update yesterday's post.      There were so many good comments and ideas/suggestions for the simple block---Chandelier Bead---adapted from an uneven 9 patch.  If you are like me, you never get back to read all the comments and might just miss something good:)

  So I wanted to highlight and share a few.
  From Carole at My Carolina Home came the idea to use these blocks for QOV or Carolina Hurricane Quilt.  Great, white and blue:)

From Sharon at Vroomans Quilts is the idea to use this block for the RSC19 ---Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  She's the master of using scraps for special quilts.

Gene Black said he tried a mock up in EQ with dark background and it looked good!  See his version here.

Several agreed with the idea of Christmas fabrics would be pretty.  And a really cool idea from Miss Pat was to make a sample block like for the RSC, and attach a note of measurement/sizes for reference.  Then she doesn't have to try and remember where it came from.

So here's hoping you find some inspiration from the ideas and create your own special one.
Happy stitching.

Monday, December 10, 2018

More of those blocks

  Don't say that "S" word around this part of the country......I heard the stores sold out of milk, bread,  and eggs in a few hours.  It's a southern thing to panic when you hear the weatherman say that. 
  Luckily we were on the lower edge of it all and got plenty of rain, mist, and then the sleet came.  All night I could her it pinging on the windows.  I am sure there was some heavy snowflakes mixed it, but we ended up with a thick crust of probably 2 1/2''.  Today it has hovered above freezing and a lot of melting has occurred, but the word is the roads are a slushy mess.  We will wait it out tomorrow as there will be a lot of re-freezing tonight.

  I worked on some blocks that had been cut out already.  I talked about these last week.  Strung together on-point and they resemble beads on a chain, or baubles on a chandelier.  Hence, I am referring to them as Chandelier  Bead block like I found on Pinterest. 

  So I am just playing around with these for now using a white or cream background. 
I wonder what light colored squares would look like on a darker background....just a thought.

  And because I know I will get questions......
   My block is from EQ7, the Uneven 9 Patch Block.  I simply removed 2 opposing corner squares, increasing the bottom and top background strip to the correct length. 
  The size I am using will give a 6 1/2'' unfinished block. 

Recipe  for block:
 Cut from color fabric
    Center square is 3 1/2'' by 3 1/2''
    Two corner squares are 2'' by 2''

Background:  Cut from white/cream
   two strips 2'' by 3 1/2''
   two strips 2'' by 5''

  You can easily make these larger, begin with the center square and do the math:)
I think they would be good in Christmas fabrics even. 
Happy stitching.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cactus and woodworking

    Time to decorate I know.  Just a few items came out this year and we are using the simple small pre-lit trees.  Sir Old Man hung the door decorations. 

  I spotted this lovely red blooming cactus at the store this week.   I have several cactus---purplish pink, and peachy tone one.  But loved the red for a change, even if the red fades as the blooms age, it looks like holiday to me.


  Sir Old Man has been working on serving trays for gifts and this is the first one finished.  He has been experimenting and arranging wood strips for several weeks.  I think this one is walnut, maple and cherry.


    Different combinations give a different look.  He tries to make me pick a favorite and I can't.   They are each special and unique to the wood combination.
  The photos don't show how satiny smooth they are.  He hand rubs the finish in.  No stain is used after he fumes the wood to give it a mellow patina. 


   I was feeling much better after the weather cleared and spent a bit of time in the sewing room..  I added a few more blocks to the Scrappy Trips on the wall.  I love how you can not predict the result, you just never know what the outcome will be like.  And yet, it always seems to work.  Those crazy fabric combinations  can highlight and hide the ugliest of fabrics. 

  I spent some time cutting parts for more of the Chandelier chain blocks.   And woke this morning with pain...severe tendinitis pain in my wrist and thumb.  Guess that is a no-no......and combine it with the bad weather ---could be rain, or sleet, or snow----heading our way, I may be out of business for a few days.   I already feel it in my shoulder and feet. 
  I have cookies to make for the holidays.    And fruit cake bars were/are  in the plans for the weekend.  Maybe I can sew up the parts I already cut, and then teach Sir Old Man how to safely use the rotary cutter if I need extra. 
Happy stitching.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wrapping up the month and a new block

   Things have settled down and I actually have been sewing a little bit.  Over the last week I have had several emails checking on me---thank you---and a couple of emails sharing projects.

   Lesley had emailed me  back in the spring this year about the heart design I had used in the strip pieced watercolor tutorial. 
  She followed the tutorial and  used 6'' blocks.  This is her design in progress. She wanted it a bit larger, so she added more blocks.

   And the photo of the finished quilt on the bed!  I think she did a wonderful job and turned this design into her own.

  Then I heard from Nirosha, who is from Sri Lanke, and is interested in making a water color quilt too.  She said she was not sure she could do it with her basic skills.  She included photos of a quilt she made from dresses she never wore.
   I don't think she needs to worry about her skills, as that piecing looks very good to me :)   And a second photo shows the lovely floral print on the back.  I hope she saves the scraps for a watercolor project.  Her eye for design is impressive and I like that she is self motivated to try.


And in my sewing room.......

  I have begun joining the parts of the leader and ender Jewel Box Star together.  And today I hope to sew them together  in rows.  It is not large, probably 36'' by 48''.  Small for me, but with borders it will be a good throw. 

   And then I uncovered these blocks....along with about 12 more sets of strips ready to sew.  This is from about 3 years ago, I know.
  The blocks are about 9'' unfinished, so I may work on getting this very scrappy  Scrappy Trips done. ...or at least turned into a top.

     I was looking for some very easy sewing/cutting  to do, when I ran across this design on Pinterest.     It is being referred to as Chandelier quilt block.   It looks like a string of beads to me.
  I went to EQ7 and found a block called Uneven 9 Patch that worked perfect for me.  I just eliminated the color in two opposing corners.
     I kept the size simple to use up what I already have cuts of....2'' strips/squares, and 31/2'' squares.  Works fine for me, even if it is not the exact size or whatever in the modern pattern.  This version will be scrappy.

   A little sewing, a little baking, those are my plans for the month to end the year.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Saying Thanks

   There is a saying  that says "it's going to get worse before it gets better."  As much as I would love to deny that and proclaim it false, there in lies some truth.  

   My health issues are autoimmune, meaning my body is constantly attacking itself.  In the case of Pernicious Anemia it all seems to multiply because of the multiple organ and body systems involved.   With neuropathy, there is a slow, very slow healing that is possible......and the last nerves damaged or harmed are the first ones to be repaired.  I won't bore you with the millions of miles of nerves in our bodies, but say instead that  it is a long and winding road to travel.  

  So you guessed quietness here the last few weeks is due to a backward slide.   Balance issues, weakening grip, hip pain.......enough!    I won't go on, but want to just say thanks, and  be thankful, and be grateful, share some hope for a brighter day.  

   Two years ago, I had no feeling in my legs and feet.  Today, I feel and I feel pain more often than not.  Yet, I will count it as a blessing as it is a movement to return to normal.  

  Thanks to Darlene at Quiltshopgal for her suggestion for the Lidocaine patch and roll on for pain in my hands and hip.    I really appreciate the help.  

   I am thankful for the cooler nights, a little frost and sunny days.   A favorite spot this fall with a favorite quilt to cover me as I sip hot tea and read a book.

  This week I am planning the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.....feast of food, family and friends.  Luckily Sir Old Man has developed into a passable helper and does the heavy lifting and stirring for me.  I could not tackle it without him.  

  With a few weeks off, I hope to return to my projects soon.  Until then, I am sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all.
Happy stitching.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Apple Bread recipe

Be forewarned, it takes a while to put together and an hour or so to bake (depending on the size pan you use).    The original recipe I found is from 1982 Southern Living cookbook.....Fresh Apple Loaf----we just call it Apple Bread!

4 cups peeled, grated apples
1/2 cup raisins---optional
1 cup sugar
1 cup of brown sugar
  •  Peel apples.......I like Red Rome apples.  Once peeled, I give them a dunk in a  lemon  and water bath----about 4 C water with 2-3 tablespoons of lemon  juice until ready to grate.  It keeps them from turning brown.  Drain before grating.
  • Grate the apples.   I use a large food processor to speed up the process and save  my fingers. 
  • Place grated apples, raisins, and sugar in large bowl.  Stir and allow to sit about an hour for the juices to run.
3 C of all purpose flour
2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Sift all dry ingredients together.
2 eggs
1 cup butter.....2 sticks, melted
2 teaspoon vanilla
  •   Once the juices have run from the grated apples, add the dry ingredients.  Mix well.  
  • Add vanilla, butter and eggs.  Mix well.
Grease 2 loaf pans----9'' by 5''.   Spoon the batter into the pan and bake in preheated oven at 325 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  
If I make smaller size loaves, I  check to see if done at 45 minutes for the mini loaf pans, and at 1 hour for the mid-size loaf pan.   I use a long wooden skewer to check to see if this recipe is dense and moist. 
   These loaves freeze well.  I wrap them in fold and then bag in ziplock type bag.  Perfect served warmed and for breakfast or snack.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Apple farm trip and an email note

   Cooler temperatures finally settled on us this week.  Not really feeling like color at all in the trees, but we have had much lower humidity and nice breezy days.  I pulled out a few seasonal runners and wall quilts for a change from my summer assortment.
    I have been struggling with the neuropathy and so only minor sewing has happened.   I am not sure if the neuropathy in my legs or hands  has any improvement ....things are different.  Especially in the feet and legs, which has greatly affected my balance and standing.

  Anyway, we took a ride up to Apple Valley to the apple orchard.   It is  a beautiful area and the day was perfect for a trip.  We bought up a bushel of Red Rome apples for Fresh Apple Bread, and then selected a few other varieties to share with the neighbors too.    Baking day for the apples begins on this weekend.

  On the way back down the mountain, we stopped in at Foam and Fabric to find some upholstery weight fabric to recover our bar stools.  I only picked up a scrap bag for $4 and a new seam ripper.   I need one with a sharper point to un-pick short seams of sub cuts for a scrappy trips project.

  Scrappy Trips project......I have two bins of assorted strips of 2'' width.  I got tired of string type blocks, so I turned to a "kitchen sink" pattern.  That means anything goes.  No photos as I am in the sorting and grouping stage.  I really need to clear these strips out.  I will continue with the leader and ender---Jewel Box Star---as I work on these.

  In the email in box this morning......A nice note that gave me a lift.
Kathy originally found one of my quilts on Pinterest, and followed to my blog.  She was planning a watercolor wall hanging for her son for his wedding.  Apparently she had already cut squares to 2 1/2'' and began to have challenges as she was developing her design.  She asked for help with sizes, and blending.
   I gave her all the info I could in an email, and referred her to several spots on the blog for more details.  She promised to send photo of her finish.  That was several months ago.

   Today this arrived.
Made by Kathy
Made by Kathy for her son, who is an architect, and his new wife.  She could not find a pattern for this concept, so she designed her own!

 She also use batik fabrics adding a detail in cross stitch. 
Her finished size is 24'' by 36''. 
Viewed from a distance, the glow from the base of the buildings is striking.   I can almost see the specks of light in the buildings as day begins.   She captured the skyline against the sunrise behind the buildings.  I absolutely love it. 
  Great job, Kathy, and thank you for sharing your finished project. 

  A total stranger finds my blog, asks a few questions, and the back and forth dialog begins.  And I have a new person to help and touch.  Little do these folks know just how much they help me, give me purpose, provide me with a reason to stand longer and fight on.   Thank you.
Happy stitching. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

This week and another hurricane

   Not a lot of sewing done as I have been waiting to get my eye exam done.  My old glasses were just not helping and quilting is made difficult when you can't focus :)   So the exam went doctor because my very reliable doctor has retired....sure am missing him.  And new glasses are ordered for reading.  At the optometry section, Scott suggested low mag generic readers for watching TV or driving......tada!  They work great and saved me money.  Just waiting on the close work reading glasses to come in. 
 In compensation, I pulled out a small set of string blocks.  These are a mixed batch of 8'' I made up a few more to add to the stack.  Once I get them squared up, I hope I can figure out a layout and get a top sewn.   My string bin is getting low....and that's a good thing. 

We made a stop into Big Lots a couple of days ago.  And look what I found.......clothesline rope for $4!  That is half what it costs at the hardware store.   This brand is just slightly stiffer and maybe slightly thicker, but will work great for more bowls and trivets. 

     And then the appearance of the super hurricane Micheal happened.  This boy grew up quickly and made a beeline for us.  We woke up at 2 am this morning to pounding rain and very strong gusts of wind.  And the good news is......Micheal is a fast mover and will fly on out of here by early afternoon.....leaving us with 5 inches of rain.  We still have power  and life will return to normal rather quickly here.  But those poor folks on the Carolina coastline are in for more rain which they do not need. 
    Thanks to all for checking on us......happy stitching. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

One thing leads to another

   It's been slow around here....or I have been moving slow.  We are still having summer temps, as the predicted front never made it this far south and moved north of us.  So no fall inspiration has appeared on my porch yet :)     
  I am still getting thru and sorting strips and strings.  I found another bin tucked under something else.   I decided to just piece up some colorway units.  I cut up some  4'' by 8 1/2'' foundations to cover.  Only one orange unit out of the whole bunch.....guess you can guess I don't use that color a lot. 
   I am not sure how I will use them.  I have a couple of ideas but no true direction.   I still have more to put together.  That will fill up spare moments.

   On the design wall is this year's Leader and Ender project....Jewel Box Star.
    I pressed up the units that I had stacked up over the last week or so.  The pattern is now beginning to emerge.
I matched up some more sets and realized I needed a lot more of the 4 patch units.  I have twice as many of the large HSTs. 

   So that meant digging thru the florals for short strips to sew together.  That was easy, I am just exaggerating the ordeal.  Sewing them together was easy, zip.   Once they were pressed they need to be cut into segments for the 4 patch unit.  Only.....the corner broke off my slotted ruler. 

  I use this ruler a lot....June Tailor Shape Cut slotted Ruler.    I mean all the time.  For me it is a 2 reason is less wear and tear on my wrist that I use to hold the ruler in place, and it gives me consistent cuts.   Once I line up the they are slightly overlapped...I can make the cuts quickly and easily. 
   But luckily the J Store sent me coupons in the mail that morning, so I did a bit of shopping online.  And waited for delivery.  And waited for delivery......the batting came in 3 days.  And I waited for the ruler delivery. 

  Now you can see why I sewed up a bunch of strips and strings.  Before I get comments and questions.....I had checked around town and was unable to find a store with this particular ruler in stock.  Everyone could order it for me, but no one stocked it at this time.  No I did not want the fringe slot ruler, or the one with 1/4'' slots.  I waited for delivery. 
   I know I could have probably finished the quilt by this time, but the ruler came and I got to make my cuts.  It was stubborn, bull-headedness  on my part, but the cuts are made.  I now have a stack of 4 patch units to sew together.

   I finished up at the dentist.....three visits in 3 weeks is enough for a long while.  Only have an eye exam this week and I will be done with the doctor visits for a couple of months I think.   I am looking forward to some inspiration and motivation when cooler weather decides to drop in for a while. 
Until then.....happy stitching.                                   

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Quilts for Carolina hurricane victims

California Thomas Fire Quilts |
From my Carolina Home quilt 
   Carole at From My Carolina Home shared a post today about her hurricane project.   She has  also prepared a PDF of the split 9 patch block she will be using.   mIt's the same as those used for the California Fire quilts.  So instead of me "plaining" it all, please drop in and read her details.

  Quilts of Compassion are also making and collecting quilts for the Hurricane Florence victims.   Their latest posts lists a couple of shops who are helping collect quilts, as well as address for mailing quilts. 

  The news here is showing rivers are still cresting and rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days.  Some of it actually may be leftover parts of Hurricane Florence that has circled around and reformed into a small system!  Unbelievable -----I have never seen a hurricane refuse to die like this one.  The flooding continues and people are still waiting to get back to their homes.  Many of them know all is lost.  So if you want to help at all, these two projects will be wonderful to support.  Thanks. 
Happy stitching. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Unexpected

   Last week I was quilting.....meander quilting....the water color wall hanging.   I had made the blocks for  a class  using the strip pieced method.  Tutorial for this method is  found here.    This type of water color work is strictly dark to light in a block format.  I had at least 3 sets of blocks for this that were left over from demonstrations.

 I had put them together, but goofed.  The top row was sewn on upside down.  It did not look quite

  So a little ripping and re-sewing.......add a border  and finish it up. 

     At first I was not happy with the border color I chose.  But the more I worked on it, the better I liked it.
I began to notice how the border color pulled out the odd blues and greens in the floral fabrics.  Overall it softened the effect.   It became the expected.  Exactly, something different than I usually use. 

   Then I found the perfect print for the binding....with touches of dark brown on the light turquoise background.  I liked the way it finished off.

  The Unexpected---wall hanging.
  30'' by 36''

Happy stitching. 


Monday, September 17, 2018

It was minimal for us

  Today all is fine.  The storm has passed directly over us with very minimal damage to our area.    We had some winds on Saturday, and rain began in the afternoon.  Sunday was more rain....light mostly.  But it was a painful day for me....I found out on the weather last night that the eye passed directly over us.  That low pressure had been giving me high pain for the weekend.

  We did hear from a cousin who rode the storm out in Wilmington.  No power, all wind and rain for 72 hours.  Damage to the roof from limbs with some leaking spots.  Little sleep with the house temperature at 88 degrees.  They had no flood damage being on higher ground,  but they sought relief in the car on Sunday afternoon.  They got it out of the garage and turned on the AC for some soothing cooling.  That must have been a wonderful few minutes. 

Thanks to all who checked on us. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

A Little Knot

  I had 6 blocks that did not get put into my large Garlic Knot top.  I thought they would be a good table topper.....A Little Knot.

   Before binding, I was just a little disappointed at how plain it seemed.  I debated on applique in the border or even adding additional borders.  I went ahead an quilted it up and then had the light bulb moment for the binding. 

 A cute flange binding would give this one a pop of extra color and hopefully improve it after all.  So the blue fabric became the flange and a floral print is the outer binding.

   A Little Knot is 18'' by 24''.

Now I am more motivated to get the large Garlic knot pinned and quilted.  I need to piece up some backing.....that always slows me down for some reason. 

  The water color wreath wall hanging is under the needle already.  I have the center section quilted and just need to do up the border. 
Then on to bigger things.

Happy stitching. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Storm update

  Thank you to so many for the notes and emails about the hurricane.  We are prepped and have been keeping an eye on updates.  If you have never lived near the coast you may not understand how things change in the forecast.  That is one reason we prepare----rather safe than sorry. 
  So this morning, it has changed again.....for the worse for us that are inland even. 

Hurricane storm track

  It appears the storm is expected to take a dip south or even slide south along the coast.  Then it will probably curve north right over our upstate area to North Carolina mountains.  The rains will be our main concern as well as tornadoes.....all this is late Saturday into Sunday. 

I saw this post on Facebook just a little while ago.

Image may contain: water, outdoor and nature
The Quilts of Compassion Disaster Response TEAM is currently monitoring Hurricane Florence. We are planning a deployment to the area!!! We will have detailed information once landfall has occurred and Tier 1 organizations have responded to assist with immediate needs of food, shelter, clothing and medical attention. Quilts of Compassion is considered a Tier 2 Disaster Response Organization that responds 6-12 weeks to an area AFTER all “basic needs” ha...

.....I will be going thru my extra quilts today to see what I can share.   
Happy stitching.  

Monday, September 10, 2018

Looking for Signs

  Yes, I know it's the season and the hurricane is heading in this direction next week.  Yes, I know the calendar says it is mid-September and it should be cooler.  Yet, without a few signs I would not believe that Fall is on the way.  It is about 84 degrees with 80% it feels like at least a 100 degrees outside! 

It is way to hot to have a quilt in the lap for quilting even at the machine.......So  I went looking for signs.....

   The small shrub rose in the back is having the second blush of blooms.  If the Fall is mild enough, some of the roses will hang on until November.    The hummingbird feeder hangs just above this bush.  It is good to enjoys the beautiful blooms and watch the antics of those hummingbird above. 

   Lady Writing Spider returns once again this year.  Always by late August, we can find one of them in the back garden.  This year, we have spotted three webs with writing. 

 Usually I am running the other direction when I see a spider....had a very bad reaction to a bite once......but I like to see her work the magic into her web.  She is a huge one, easily 2'' long, and the writing strand is about 6'' long.   Oh....and please ignore the weeds that appear in the midst of the browning daylilies:)

Image may contain: outdoor

    And this sign must be a sign.....I know I illegally saved it, but could not resist.
I would love this to post on my sun room wall.  It's a perfect reminder that tomorrow will be a better day. 

   I always can use a swift kick by Dr. Seuss to keep me looking up, remind me the glass is half full, and just keep getting back up.  For sure, Fall is coming. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Getting to know you at Stitchin Therapy

  Welcome to my spot in blogland.  Feel free to sit a while and  enjoy my creations.  Many thanks to Benita at Creative Space for setting this up.

String Me Along
 I'm Debbie and I'm a quilter!  No surprise there.   I began my blog about 9 years ago, and consider it my special spot on the globe.   I am a traditional quilter who loves floral fabrics, and found my niche in watercolor quilting. 
    I do multi-color, multi-print quilts....translate that to scrap quilts and watercolor quilts.   String Me Along was inspired by a quilt in a magazine.  I used tons of strip scraps and drew all the applique myself.


 This  wall hanging is called Persistence.  It is a watercolor with a thread painted Goldfinch that I  appliqued before it was quilted.    It has a narrow gold flange to set it off from the dark border.   

   Before I get too wound up, I need to point out a few things on the blog tour.

  • Under the banner I have various pages listed that highlight and link to posts and photos of my quilts and techniques I use.  
  •   A page of watercolor techniques, patterns, a few tutorials, and several years devoted to quilts I finished.
  • In the right hand column, there are handy sections to use.  Talking About is the labels used on posts and a quick way to search for what you are looking for.  
  • There is also a search this blog box to help find info, too. 
  • And email.....this is a quick way to get a reply or help for information from me. 
  • And my blog roll.....a lot of great bloggers who inspire me.  Stop by and visit them.  

  In the last 3  years, I have been focusing  on very traditional quilt patterns that could feature my extensive floral fabric collection.  See the page here of The Year of Florals.    
   While I thought it would only last a year, I am still exploring patterns and repeating favorites.  
 My blog banner photo is a simple traditional pattern using all floral fabrics. Many Scrappy Trips pattern is from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.   I am a big fan of  hers, so you may recognize many of her patterns that I have used. 

  I also do free motion quilting.  Swirls seem to always fill up my quilting space.  And feathers took me a year to conquer, but are now one of my favorite motifs.   The plume motif was inspired by a magazine ad, so I can't claim it as original.

   The trail of plumes turned this border into something quite special.  The more plumes I added, the more I wanted to add.  They really became addictive.  
   I have used this design on table toppers, place mats, and table runners too.  

  Since I can never pick my favorite quilt,  I will end up with my most recent finish.  
Once again a traditional half  log cabin block set on point  made using my floral fabric stash.

  Little known things about me----
I love coffee, cool mornings, and sunsets.   I love to read a good book that takes me to places unseen, and adventures unknown.   I grew up in Orlando, Florida before Disney turned the sleepy town into  a nightmare.   

  I hope you enjoy your visit, as I appreciate your stopping by.    I would love to see you visit again, and share my quilting adventures.  Now venture over and visit some other quilters and don't forget to enter for that big prize.

Happy stitching.  

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