Wednesday, October 3, 2018

One thing leads to another

   It's been slow around here....or I have been moving slow.  We are still having summer temps, as the predicted front never made it this far south and moved north of us.  So no fall inspiration has appeared on my porch yet :)     
  I am still getting thru and sorting strips and strings.  I found another bin tucked under something else.   I decided to just piece up some colorway units.  I cut up some  4'' by 8 1/2'' foundations to cover.  Only one orange unit out of the whole bunch.....guess you can guess I don't use that color a lot. 
   I am not sure how I will use them.  I have a couple of ideas but no true direction.   I still have more to put together.  That will fill up spare moments.

   On the design wall is this year's Leader and Ender project....Jewel Box Star.
    I pressed up the units that I had stacked up over the last week or so.  The pattern is now beginning to emerge.
I matched up some more sets and realized I needed a lot more of the 4 patch units.  I have twice as many of the large HSTs. 

   So that meant digging thru the florals for short strips to sew together.  That was easy, I am just exaggerating the ordeal.  Sewing them together was easy, zip.   Once they were pressed they need to be cut into segments for the 4 patch unit.  Only.....the corner broke off my slotted ruler. 

  I use this ruler a lot....June Tailor Shape Cut slotted Ruler.    I mean all the time.  For me it is a 2 reason is less wear and tear on my wrist that I use to hold the ruler in place, and it gives me consistent cuts.   Once I line up the they are slightly overlapped...I can make the cuts quickly and easily. 
   But luckily the J Store sent me coupons in the mail that morning, so I did a bit of shopping online.  And waited for delivery.  And waited for delivery......the batting came in 3 days.  And I waited for the ruler delivery. 

  Now you can see why I sewed up a bunch of strips and strings.  Before I get comments and questions.....I had checked around town and was unable to find a store with this particular ruler in stock.  Everyone could order it for me, but no one stocked it at this time.  No I did not want the fringe slot ruler, or the one with 1/4'' slots.  I waited for delivery. 
   I know I could have probably finished the quilt by this time, but the ruler came and I got to make my cuts.  It was stubborn, bull-headedness  on my part, but the cuts are made.  I now have a stack of 4 patch units to sew together.

   I finished up at the dentist.....three visits in 3 weeks is enough for a long while.  Only have an eye exam this week and I will be done with the doctor visits for a couple of months I think.   I am looking forward to some inspiration and motivation when cooler weather decides to drop in for a while. 
Until then.....happy stitching.                                   


---"Love" said...

Your Jewel Box Star quilt is looking good! I have that same June Tailor, and always forget to use it! Dummy me! ---"Love"

Linda Swanekamp said...

Love the strip sets. I use the Stripology ruler. Slides less, easier to hold, slots are firmer, but costs more.
The Jewel Boz is living up to its name. I am on the other side of the cold front. Chlly and damp here.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I have the 12" x 12" slotted ruler, and also the 2.5" x WOF ruler. I love both of them.

Mary said...

I have one of those rulers too and find it very useful. It made it to 90 here today. We're still hoping for fall also.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Today's high was 92--glad I gave up and put the a/c back on yesterday but I'll probably be shutting it off in another hour or so when our cool front hits. Rainy and 60's tomorrow. Hoping that's the end of anything resembling heat!
I like the color units; will be watching to see what you do with them. Feeling myself being drawn to shades of one single color, or at least shades of just a few. I must be all "scrap quilted" out.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Isn't it amazing how long some orders take to arrive? Especially when they are "in stock". It sounds like you made good use of your waiting time. ~Jeanne

Janet O. said...

Your Jewel Box is lovely in florals!
I have that ruler and mine broke on the corner after years of use, as well. I have been too cheap to replace it--duct tape is currently holding it together. :)

Gene Black said...

The colorway strip sets are lovely. I understand the "orange" thing. It is difficult to find a variety of orange fabrics (or yarns for that matter.) I think that is one reason we use less of them.

Quilting Babcia said...

I understand completely why you waited until your new slotted ruler arrived. When we find a tool that works for us, nothing else is anywhere near as comfortable to use. My new favorite is a fons and porter 8x14 ruler that they use constantly on the Love of Quilting episodes. It has these little 1/4" squares between the inch marks and makes lining up the ruler SO much easier, especially with bad eyes. We had a couple cool days and now it's back to warm and high humidity, and rain nearly every day.

Mystic Quilter said...

Jewel Box Star is coming along beautifully and I had never heard of the particular ruler that you're using but it seems a great idea. I hate dental visits, I have three visits coming up and dread it!

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