Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January round up

January finishes 
   I'm off to a good start for the year.  That's why I did not take on a big list for the month....I wanted to make sure I could meet my goal.    The table runner is finished and bound, and the Easy Street mystery is a top and ready for the borders.
   And 2 small projects for Project Quilting designed, and finished!
  This wasn't in my original project list, but I am enjoying the challenge and the quick process of designing around a least so far.  I am counting these as starts and finishes!  I did use scraps and strings, so maybe I can make a dent in using the scrap pile  up this year.

   And a new start for the NewFO is the "ugly" challenge for guild.  I haven't gotten too far along yet.....just some of the nine patch blocks and the backgrounds for the applique.  I do have a small box of applique pieces cut out.  Since I am winging it on this design nothing is fused  in place.   So this has taken over the design wall and will begin to move up the priority list as  it is bigger than I originally planned!

   The Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop is approaching  so right now that is what I have been working on.  I can't show much but here is a peek at one of them.   I am finally at the quilting stage,  so I am sure I can get it finished over the weekend.    And yes, those are small, quite small for me,  feathers.
   Which is great, as we will be in and out of town for the next couple of weeks.......DD and SIL will be finally getting their house packed up and moved.  Sir Old Man has a few small projects to tackle for them before they leave.  I think I am expected to direct and supervise ----read that as, observe and don't step into any holes!  Maybe I will be allowed to paint a little.

 February plans:   I am putting them down and hoping for the best again!
  •  Borders onto the easy street top and get to quilting it.
  •  Continue with the "ugly" challenge.
  •  Project Quilting----that will be 2 small projects.
  •  NewFO----I am thinking it will be the Travel duffle  bag, first because Nicki expressed interest in it, and second because I see a need for it.  I need to shop the stash and see what I can find in there.  
Linking to NewFO at Cat Patches.
Linking to Show and Tell at Pat Sloan's blog.
Happy stitching.   

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The "app" made me do it!

    After the comments about apps for the iPhone.....I went looking at the suggested sites.  I wasn't too inspired by the fabric or project database ones I found.  I wanted organization and reminders, and not a design app.  I discovered that I could just add extra pages for what I wanted in the "Reminder" app on the phone.
   I began a project page to list the things I have going on.  By clicking the arrow next to each item, I can enter details and progress.  I can list what I need to purchase, due dates, and even set priorities.   All right this will work!
   I did decide to try the Quiltingcalc app from Kauffman fabrics suggested by Deb at Simple Life Quilts.   I know I can do math, but this little app has a lot going for it.   I went to Marietta's Quilt Shop to pick up some background fabric for my project for the Heart Blog Hop coming up in Feb.  Before I left, I took a quick photo with the phone of the design and double checked the pattern for what I needed.  Good thing I did, as I need 2 fabrics for the background.  I listed that on the project reminder.

iPhone Screenshot 2   At the shop, I found my fabric and was just browsing.  Oh, there were some really pretty red ones.  Out came the phone and I looked at the pattern, and decided I could use more than 3 reds in the center.  Matter of fact, I better think about binding  since I was making the pattern larger.  On Quiltingcalc app I enter the size I expected to end up with and  hit calculate.    Looks like I need an extra 3/8 yard of fabric for binding.  Guess what, I came home with...... an extra 1/2 yard of  a couple of red fabrics.  Remember to build that stash.    Oh boy, I now have an extra excuse when I come home with extra feel good fabrics!   Do you think I'm in trouble or just enabled?


  My day for the blog hop is the 15th......but believe me I need the time to finish what I have planned.  This one will be sweet and colorful, and the one in progress is hot!

Happy stitching.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Project Quilting week 2

  It is week 2 of Project Quilting at Persimondreams.    Click here for   Project Quilting Flickr Group.
 Chasing Away the Winter Blues is 15" by 30".  It began with the wonky star block in the center.  I wanted to use what was in the pre-cut scrap bins,  rather than cut up more fabric.  That went fine.  I got stalled a little after that.  I thought I would do a string block to go between 2 star blocks originally.   Yet when I got the first one done, I realized I did not like it straight on and wanted it on point.  More thinking needed.

     I had strings of blue fabric laid out on the table and my natural inclination is to arrange them by value......really?  ;)     A natural progression emerged.  OK, I like it.
   Since the string/strips were different widths I had to play around with placement to get a semblance of size on each side as I created the blended braid effect.  The end result is just a little off kilter---wonky to match the star.   Then I practiced some endless feather quilting to finish it off.   Overall, a fun way to chase away the blues.
  A challenge and a finish....I like that.  Hope you will check out the others who are doing this by visiting the Flickr Group.
  Happy stitching.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

She's back home!

  I'm so glad to have my machine back home !!!!  How do you spell relief.....s-t-i-t-c-h-i-n-g!!!
An hour in the sewing room, and I feel a great relief because my list of pressing project deadlines  that was piling up.  
  I only had the center section for the Project Quilting done.  A wonky star of blue.  I used the technique of Bonnie Hunter's to make a maverick star.  An easy block and choice since I wanted to only use scrap squares and string pieces.  I had a stack of 3 1/2" squares to use, so the block ends up at 91/2" unfinished.   I added a wonky triangle in each corner just for fun.  Then I got stuck.  I needed more that just a single block.  so it sat since Monday.

   Today I got inspired......strips of blue were added to create a braid effect on opposite sides.  Yes, this is going to work.  There is nothing like Chasing Away the Blues.  ;)  
After the holidays, I caved in and asked for an iPhone ...since they were practically giving them away.  Time to enter the new century.  Or almost, as I did not get the latest version, but it works for me.  I actually used it over the weekend when Bonnie Hunter had her "quilt-cam" on Sunday.  I was sewing on the 9 patch blocks while keeping an eye and ear tuned to what she was doing and sharing.  Bonnie mentioned an "app" she used while traveling called Waze.  It is a real time GPS  app and it re-routed her while traveling to avoid a traffic jam due to an accident on the interstate.  I think it could come in handy when we hit the road for Michigan this spring.

   So, here's my question.  Does anyone use or know about any good quilting type or related apps for the iPhone    I have added the app for Jo-Ann's for the coupons, but wondered what else I might be able to use.    I think a quilt shop locator would be good to have.    Or maybe one  with a database to list projects or photos and fabrics/notions  needed for each.     There are so many out there, but reviews of them are not always the greatest.  Which ones are function-able and not junk?  Which have you used?  Do you really use them?   Thanks for any input.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gift of Heart

  What a day!  Class on free motion quilting was so good....I mean all the gals did an excellent job at their homework, including sketching and stitching.  I was so motivated by that.  They really took to the second class of teardrops and swirls and vines.  They all agreed that the first session of the meandering designs were the most difficult.  Isn't that something?  I think of the stipple and meandering loop design as the most basic and easiest.    I learned that I need to create a worksheet for the stipple for the next class!
   When Sir Old Man came in this afternoon with the mail, I had a swishy package.  Oh, I was surprised!

  A beautiful mug rug  from Mary at Hill Country Quilter  arrived  along with the nicest note.  I had seen these on her blog over the weekend and thought how pretty.  I knew her swap partner would love them.  The colors are just beautiful.   Little did I know that sneaky blogger was sending me one, too!   I love these little treasures from blogging friends.  They always bring a smile to my face.  The batiks are so beautiful, and I love hearts....always.   Thank you, Mary, for a little icing on my day.
   And yay!  I got the call to pick up my machine tomorrow.....then I will get back to really stitching.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's bits

   Monday already?  I got bogged down with stuff this morning and  I have free motion class tomorrow.  I got the samples and handouts together, and bundled up the quilts to show.
   If you are a follower and lover of  Exuberant color sure to read the feature article on Wanda at  Quilt Inspiration today.  And they are showing a few of her latest quilts!  She's a huge inspiration to me, so click over and enjoy!
   Over the weekend I got a small start on the guild challenge quilt.....some 9 patch blocks and more leaves cut out and yards of bias stems.  I figure I will have the 9 patches together by the time my big machine comes home so I can start the appliqueing.

    Then yesterday Project Quilting announced the challenge theme for this week.  It's My Favorite Color.  Create a project with white and your favorite color.  In essence a two color project.  So the color pick is easy, blue it shall be.  To the scrap boxes and string bins I run!
     Here's the assortment so far.   Rather than just sticking with the dark blue and white, I want to use a variety of blue shades.  The monochromatic quilt has always been a challenge for me, as I love to use lots of color.  So I am putting a bit of a mountain in my path to stretch my ability to deal with the monochromatic side of this one.
   So next is deciding on a design.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

Still cutting.....

     Click over to Show and tell at the Quilting Gallery .  The theme is challenge quilts.   I am sharing  this one called Turning 60 from a few years ago.   Oops, I just hinted at my age...oh, well.  It's a favorite of mine and overloaded with words of affirmation and memories written along the vines and leaves.  

  And on  the sewing front.....
 I'm cutting, and cutting, and cutting.  Sir Old Man finally took pity on me late this afternoon  and rigged up a support in the sewing table hole.  It  will allow me to use the mechanical machine in the sewing room until the 6600 comes home.    There's isn't too much he can't do once he puts his mind to it!  

   What I have ready to sew:
  1.  The borders for the Easy Street mystery quilt.  This thing needs a name.
  2.  Strips for 9 patch units for my guild challenge.
  3.  Panels for applique for the guild challenge.....and a small  shoe box of applique pieces for the panels.    (Boy, is this one going to take a while to applique, but it should be fun because it is whimsical.)
  4.  Background pieces, border pieces,  and appliques for a mini.....for the Hugs & Kisses blog hop in Feb......check out the button on the sidebar.   Yep, I caved again, and took the leap and entered into this one.   It's just a mini, and I can do it in a couple of afternoons, so I'm not breaking my word / rule!  
  5.  And one backing  for top in waiting.  Just 2 large pieces to join, and it is ready to pin for quilting.  

Tomorrow I'm making lasagna.  I usually do a couple of large pans and freeze in dinner size portions once it is done.  That way I can count on an easy meal when I have been on a sewing binge and I'm too tired to cook.  Have a great weekend....happy stitching.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A rotary cutter day

   The machine is sick......we took it to the shop for a check up and repair.  No free motion quilting for a few days.   That means it will be a rotary cutter day and any stitching will be done on the Featherweight.
    I was just finishing up the mystery top when my machine began to surge and then slow down.  I managed to get all the blocks together.  I will be playing with the borders fabrics today and get them cut.  Yipee!  That means I have one finish, and one goal almost met for this month, and.....I get to start on something new!

  As much as I want to start on the heart wall hanging, I know I need to begin work on the guild challenge.  So to satisfy my urge  I prepped the pattern for the heart wall hanging.  The pdf was only page size, so I enlarged it to 225% and printed it out in 8 pages.  Lots of tape later, it is ready and waiting for me to pick fabrics and begin the tracing for fusing.
   I'll be clearing off  the cutting table and pulling fabrics for the challenge.  I'm not sharing the complete layout is subject to change, but I do have a plan of sorts.

  Don't forget to drop by Stitchin by the Lake for Let's Go Visiting tour.  A new list of blogs was posted yesterday.
  Lynne at Never to hot to stitch  is hosting the 2013 Year of the Finished Project.  And that includes any type of, quilt, knit, you name it.  She is making a big dent in her list.  Click over and check it out.
   The theme this week at Quilting Gallery  for the weekly Show and Tell is Challenge Quilts.   I am pulling out an older one to share.
   The Golden Quilters Awards for 2013 at Sewcalgal ....nominations are being accepted now.   Got a favorite book or  professional quilting teacher you want the world to know about, enter a nomination for them.
That's it for now....happy stitching.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looking for inspiration?

Keep the Heart Truth Growing Wallhanging
From Janome by Jane Spolar
  I was browsing through a few blogs early this morning.  One that I love to visit is Quilt inspiration .   This morning  there was a post with a heart theme and links to a huge variety of heart and valentine quilts / projects.   It's a great place to visit when you need a dose of inspiration or motivation to start a new project.

  This one captured my eye.  It is from the Janome site---how did I miss this?--by Jane Spolar.    Guess what I grabbed because it was calling my name?   I need a NewFO for this month anyway  ;)

   Notice the new button on the top sidebar for the Golden Quilter Award for 2013?   It is happening at SewCalGal's blog.   The nominations  are beginning now.  So be sure to nominate your favorites.....and to enter in the drawing for lots of prizes for nominating and voting.  

  Mystery countdown......2 more done.  I'm getting there!  Happy stitching.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update to Easy Street

  I have to admit I loved the comments from yesterday....they made me giggle a lot.  I am not brave---stubborn  and flighty at times---and I am not that organized---I tend to work in whirlwind fashion and then collapse!   I do get more accomplished than some people because I can focus, really zero in on something, to the total exclusion of everything else.
    I also multi-task.  That was part of our training when I was in Med Tech school many long years ago.  We were taught to work in segments of time.  Ten minutes to wait, then do this....don't waste time watching the machine do its thing.  So taking on one more item like Project Quilting is a small task that will fill in between something big.  I really do miss the Journal Quilt challenge, as I learned so much doing it.

  The something big  right now is Easy Street Mystery.  Believe me, it is not easy sailing.  You must be alert and watch how the pieces are set out.  It is easy to make mistakes rolling down easy street!  Those pesky little 4 patches like to twist around in funny ways.  Repeat after me, "The seam ripper is my friend".
   The corner and first diagonal row are sewn together.  I need another #1 block to complete the next row.   So I am just about half way to my goal of completing the top for this month.  I am being the turtle completing this one as I hate ripping things out.
   Happy stitching.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Quilting

Project QUILTING Season 4   It's happening over at  Persimon Dreams .   Like Project Runway, there is a theme and a time limit!   A weekly theme for the challenge is posted on Sunday and photos of a finish are required.    Sounds like fun....but let's see. It is already Saturday and  I have committed to the mystery quilt, aka Easy Street, and to the 2013 Finish challenge each month, and the New FO challenge each month, and the guild's challenge, along with a growing list of want-to-dos.   On the other hand, this sounds interesting and I miss the weekly journal challenge from 2 years, yeah, I am going to join and see what happens.    
   This week was "square in a square".  Do you think I have squares in my stash for this?  **big grin**  You know I do, so  I hit the watercolor squares and did a small table top project.   It's squares in a square for sure.  Eight rows across and eight rows down of blended 2 " squares that I bordered with a batik.  The size finished at 16" by 16".   I used straight line quilting to finish it off.  But you can't see that in this photo.


 That's the back view.....wild fabric and straight line quilting.  
I admit this was an easy out for time I will at least put my thinking cap on.
Now to get this posted on the Flickr group and link up to Persimon Dreams.

   Happy stitching.  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Endless feathers part 2

    Another practice piece on the feathers....I'm getting the hang of it.  This is done with Quilter's Dream cotton batting, so it is flatter and not as puffy.  I still love the effect.   Now for the details.

 Here's a step by step diagram to get you started with the endless feathers practice.

Step 1:  Begins with a tear drop shape.  Attach a plume, and stitch back up just a little over the last stitches.   Then do a bump back plume returning to where you began.    I know the stitching over stitches is not easy, but honestly it does get easier with practice.
  Step 2:  Here you repeat step 1, only on the other side.  In my example I began step 1 going left, and step 2 goes to the right.  A nice "v" shape is formed in the center.

  Step 3:  Add 2 more plumes to the right---extending the length to achieve a nice curve--returning to the center.  Then go back to the left side adding an attached plume and then a bump-back plume returning to the center.  Do another set on the left and vary the size of the plumes.  Note---you can get the "spine or stem" begin to develop in the center.
  Adding more plumes to the left develops a slight curve to the right side over all.  You are creating a turn in direction.  This is the part that took me forever to figure out......longer and deeper plumes to one side develops the curve.  Adding shorter and fuller plumes to the opposite side fills in and follows the curve.

   One big, full continuous feather!  I started at the arrow and just kept working along curving one way and then the other.  Turning the corner...look at those long plumes....they did the work.   Now I need a quilt with some open spaces to fill.
    Like I said before, I think we each have a "quilting signature".   A style that works for me may not work for you.  What others do easily, I struggle with.  Only through the practice and quilting can we discover our signature.   My intent here was to share my journey in learning this motif.   I am hoping you will try it, too.

  This weekend is the start of the new  weekly Show and Tell at the Quilting Gallery.    This week's theme is Favorite Quilts of 2012.  Guess you can figure out which one I entered....Wonders of Color.   Check it out for some inspiration.

  Happy stitching.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bits and pieces

   This luscious haul of fabric has been waiting for me to enjoy.   The beige  and  neutrals are to restock my greatly reduced stash for backgrounds and the blues and purple just jumped into my cart.   I wonder how they would work in that delectable mountain quilt I saw today?
  Today's class was full---absolutely twice what I expected.  It was fun, I was exhausted, and the gals  have lots of homework to do for the next 2 weeks. That should give me time to rest up for round 2.

Interested in a quilt  along?  Over at Impera magna's blog---aka Freda ---there is a Disappearing 9 Patch starting up.   She's been talking colors and making plans, so check it out soon.  Things will start rolling soon as her machine comes back home from the " hospital."    Do drop by and offer get well wishes, too.  

I haven't forgotten the endless feather instructions.....I hope to get some step by step info posted in the next couple of days.   One more day of life interfering and I should be able to get to it.

     I got the table runner I have a finish this month.  So no excuses....I will be piecing at least 2 more blocks tomorrow for the Easy Street mystery.  I made the mistakes (or not) of dropping by Quiltville and saw how many tops were completed already.  I mean  some people have not slept or eaten to finish this one up!   It is great to see all the color variations, and  get motivated to finish this top this month.    Then, and only then can I start something new and dig / cut  into that luscious new fabric.  That's my plan and I hope I can stick to it.  Happy stitching.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Endless feathers --drawing them

   Such a lot of interest in these feathers...endless questions and comments!  Great!  I love them and they gave me reason to really stop and think these plumes through.  Why are they so appealing?   For me, I think it is because they are not static but move and curl.  They are not drawn on the fabric with a line to try to follow.  Some plumes move one direction and others take off in the opposite one.   Instead of following a curve, they flow along the surface of the quilt---- creating a texture of softness around the applique in the case of the table runner.

   Where did I learn to stitch them?   I ran across the video on  Natasha's blog where she was showing how she stitched these feathers.  If you haven't visited and watched, please do.  It is in Russian, so the words must translate and she offers little detail in them.  But the videos are wonderful, and I really enjoyed the music she had playing.  I keep popping back over to re-watch them....after about 5 views I began some practice on paper.  Yes, pencil and paper and lots of it.  The first ones were not pretty.  It was only after about 20 pages of practice that I began to get the idea of what was happening.  Now, you may be a quick learner, or a good visual learner, but me....I am the" hands on"  type.  I learn by doing and doing, over and over.

  Drawing:   Get the teardrop shape down.  That's the first step on this and you need to be able to do a left curve one and a right curve one.   Fill a whole page with them if need be.  Paper is cheaper than fabric!
   The individual  plumes will be different  sizes in this method.  If you participated in the Free Motion Challenge last year you remember all the feathers and feather wreaths with similar plumes.  This motif is full of different size ones and I love the interest that creates.
Secondly, the plumes are created in three ways. I gave them names for ease of explaining.
 1. Individual plume in the teardrop shape  that begins the feather
 2. Attached plume that lays on top of the preceding plume.  
3. The "bump back" plume that can extend longer than the preceding plume.  

  I enlarged a spot on one of the photos  to show what I mean.   Start with an individual plume and then add the attached plume to it.    So far, so what?    Look close and you will see that I traveled back over the last stitches a short distance, and then did a "bump back plume" .  On the labeled  bump back plume I swung the end out and down to fill in area before returning to the central stem.   Once I got back to the center, I was able to continue adding the plumes.
  OK, if you got this far and are not confused,  go practice!  Seriously, give me a few days and  I will work on trying to explain how to get them to curve and curl around.   If you have questions ....ask.
 Happy stitching.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Feathers are flying

   Well, maybe not flying but they are coming along!  I got to moving this morning and took care of my to-do list of  prepping for the free motion class next week, bills and such, so I could play this afternoon.   The little table runner was calling.
   I figured it was now or never---or maybe much later---and I began playing with the feathers.  This runner is only about 15 inches wide so I did not have a lot of open space to really get the swirling effect.  I managed a little wavy motion at most.  
  I have drawn these feathers at least 30 times in my sketch pad to get the muscle memory worked out.  I finally have the initial teardrop shop down well and figured out how to get the shape of the plumes.  I am working on the "endless effect".  Not there I just break thread and start in another location.  It will come eventually.

 The batting is a polyester with a good loft and the relief of the feathers show nicely.  I don't usually stitch on polyester batt but it does work fine for small items.   And yes, I realize that it needs binding.  I will bind it before sending it off.  
    I was just so excited to show how well the stitching turned out.    Now, I have a new motif to add to my quilting skill library.  Yea, all the work last year paid off in plumes!    And new fabric just arrived....oh, boy, it's a good day.  Happy stitching.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Challenge to finish

Never Too Hot To Stitch!

  Click Here for the Finished Project Challenge .
   Lynne's 2013 challenge is also challenging  me  to create a plan of action for the month.  I have to post or list the UFO or WIP that I am focusing on for the month, so that means I have a direction to work towards.  No flying by the seat of your pants or taking off on a whim for the entire month---both of which I am known to do a lot.    So this is a good thing!
   My basic operational guidelines----no rules here---to keep UFOs  under control:

  •  There are 3  big projects at a time allowed in the sewing room.  Stage 1 is being cut and pieced.  Stage 2 is sewn and ready for borders.  Stage 3  is ready to quilt.  
  •  If  I am piecing a project, I do not cut or begin a second one until the current project is sewn together. This motivates me to keep sewing and piecing, etc. and get to the next stage.
  •  A new project may consume me and move beyond a prior project that is waiting for borders or quilting.  But the rule is still only 3 big projects at a time.  
  •  Small projects---like mug rugs, or doll quilts, or small gifts--- that can be finished in an afternoon are an exception.  They can jump in the mix anytime.  


  The plan for January is easy to figure will be the WIP of the mystery quilt.  I have it all cut, I hope, and got 3 large blocks pieced yesterday.   It is bright and cheerful, but I am hoping that the fabric I ordered for the border will help tone it down just a little bit.  Anyway,  piecing on the blocks to get it to flimsy stage is the plan.

  And I did get the sewing room picked up and cleaned yesterday.  Low and behold, I found a UFO from last spring.  It was a small project I was working on last year just before my fall / step in the hole event.    This was to be a birthday it needs to be completed and given this year for sure.  It only needs a few more applique pieces added and then quilted.  Hmmmm.......lots of open spaces for some quilting,  maybe some of those curling feathers.  
Yikes, I forgot....I am to teach beginning free motion quilting this month, too.  I need to get my samples together soon, like today!

  And last in the plan is to plan / design / decide on the guild challenge quilt with the "ugly" fabric.  I have reversed course on this yet again......back to original idea of the vertical strip quilt with applique.  Good thing I did not start or cut any thing yet.  I can at least begin hunting for the applique designs I want to use and get them organized.
This sounds like a full month already.   Hope you take the challenge to finish something this month.

One last item to share.  There's a new Neighbor Tour over at Stitchin By The Lake .  Each week she will be posting 10 blogs to visit, browse, enjoy and discover as a  new neighbor.  This is a clever idea I thought for visiting some new blogs.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saved by the stash

      With all the purple flying geese we made for the Easy Street mystery quilt, I thought for sure the last color---that lime green---was just going to be an accent color.  So I was going to use red.  Oh, no!   Halt! Stop!  No can do.....all the alarms went off in my head when I downloaded the last 2 clues from Bonnie.  Red would not work after all.
   To the closet....the stash closet.  Close the red drawer.  Pull down the yellow bin.  Dig through the 6 or 7 scrap boxes.  Look  in the stack of  backing fabrics.  Go  though the box of unsorted scraps under the table.  Check high.  Check low.     Now, cut squares.  Cut more squares and then cut into triangles.  Oops, cut a few more squares.

Right now, every piece of yellow fabric that I own  is scattered across the work table or floor....and I am too embarrassed to even take a photo to show the mess.    The corner units are sewn, and most of the setting triangle units are done, and a block is laid out.    Disaster averted....the ship of mystery  did not sink after all.  It was saved by the stash!     What would we do without that stash of fabric?
    So feeling a bit giddy or maybe just light-headed from panic, I went ahead and re-supplied the stash closet with a little fabric shopping.  I mean, I saved a lot because it was on sale, and I did have that extra coupon.   You know, just  in case the fiscal cliff devours all the fabric reserves, or if a blizzard hits, a quilter must be prepared with an adequate stash of lovely cotton to work with.   So the next time  someone asks, "What's in your closet  wallet?", tell them...... fabric!
    This is my project to finish for January, or at least get it to the quilting stage.   Happy stitching on New Years!
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