Sunday, June 21, 2020

Using some bounty!

  Have not been doing much of anything in the sewing room.  Just spending some time outside and enjoying the weather and garden.
  Neighbor Farmer Steve left some bounty on the front porch....early cucumbers.  And I turned them into lunch  yesterday.....Cucumber Bacon Sandwiches.
  Easy to make....and make up as you go along.  Light and crunchy for lunch on the patio.

  Combine for the spread:
  3 Tbs softened cream cheese
  2 tsp of Ranch Dip Mix
   (  I buy my Ranch Dip Mix in bulk at  Hochstetler's Country Store because I use it in everything)

  Slice cucumber thin and place on paper towel to drain moisture.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper....lightly.  Meanwhile  fry up bacon until crisp.  I cut bacon slice in half before cooking as I was using small croissants for the sandwiches.

  Slice croissants in half and spread both halves with the cream cheese spread.  Layer on 3-4 slices of cucumbers and top with bacon.
  Next time I want to try adding some spinach and see what Sir Old Man thinks.  Or maybe I will just make a nice tossed salad combo using the rest.  Summer's best, I think.

   Lots of things in bloom right now.    After some heavy rain, I found these stems bent over and almost broken.  Old fashion gladiolas make a simple and colorful bouquet.   Later that afternoon, I noticed they matched the runner on the cabinet!
  Daylilies are in full bloom  and the daisies and coneflowers are awake too.  So it has been great to enjoy them.
  Sir Old Man is extending the sun shade canopy---from 10 foot to 16 foot---this week over the patio/deck as the new sail was delivered.   It should open up our space a bit.


As for sewing....a small bit not much.  I haven't been very inspired.  I found a big stack of batiks matched up along with a print out from a magazine from years back.  My batik pairs are not all exact matches, random leftovers, and gifted fabrics.  But that is fine by me, I probably won't follow the pattern layout exactly either.  So with the heat settling in, I hopefully will get motivated to see how it works. 
  I ran out of fusible interfacing for the watercolor projects.....oh, horrors.  That stuff is scarce as hen's teeth.  I finally broke down and ordered some gridded interfacing which arrived this week.  So maybe another floral project in the future. 
  Like everyone else, I am ready for life to return as it was.....but know it isn't happening soon.  Fair warning to all.....before the next major event/pandemic/apocalypse  buy fabric, thread, interfacing and toilet paper!  Stay safe and sew on. 
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