Friday, December 14, 2012

Scrappy shaded block from 5 " squares

    This is the block from my scrappy project from 5 inch squares.  Each block takes 4 sections.....2 of the dark/light HSTs and two of the 4 patch sections---one in light values and the other in dark values.   Each unit is 4 1/2" unfinished.
   Lay out the units into a block and join together.
 The block will be 8 1/2 " unfinished.

    Here is one block sewn.  It is a great illustration of value.  Notice the rosy square in the light area 4 is really a strong medium, but by placing it among the light fabrics, it appears lighter.  And  it adds just a bit of interest in the light values.   If placed in the dark half,  it stands  out as much  too light.
   Easy Street update:   I got caught up on the mystery from Bonnie Hunter.  And then what does she do?  The next step involves more "wings".....I am going to fall back to the optional no-waste method using squares rather than those tiny triangles.    I'll only need 8 of the large squares for this step!  Sounds better than 100 tiny triangles to me.  
   Sir Old Man cooked breakfast this morning!  Banana waffles were excellent.....and a movie this afternoon.  I better check the calendar, as it must be a special day.  Happy stitching.    


  1. Cute blocks - I would rather do the no-waste method too - sitting this one out as I just don't have the time (and I didn't like the color combo). Maybe when I see the final layout I will change my mind, but have a full plate for 2013 already.

  2. A special day? Someone's birthday? Or anniversary??? Hmmm???

    Or is Sir Old Man just a sweetie?

  3. Should I be wishing you a happy birthday? Or is it happy anniversary?


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