Sunday, April 11, 2010

Floral stash and picking fabrics

And here is the sorted floral and watercolor stash.  I realized I had not shown a photo of this side of the closet.  The before shot was so bad I deleted it!   I have so many florals, I had to purchase 3 more bins to get this finished off.   And there is space on the bottom for the small bins of sorted scraps----when they get sorted, that is.   

          While sorting the floral fabrics in the stash closet, I picked out fabrics for another french braid quilt.  This is how I lined them up to see if they blend.  I had intended to use only blues and purples but decided  on this run of fabrics instead.  The accent will be a very dark malachite green.  I didn't pay a lot of attention to scale or color, just value. 

 This second set is for a blooming 9 patch.  The pattern is shaded to blend from light in the center to dark on the outside.  More attention to scale or size of print is needed with this pattern to create the blended effect.  There needs to be a mix of large, medium and small scale prints to make it work.  Just  hope I got it right, as I am ready to begin cutting. 
  I am quilting on the batik french braid and it is about half done.  Probably 2 more afternoons and I will get finished.  Then to make the label and decide who gets it....or not! 

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Exuberant Color said...

that looks like a good selection for the Blooming 9 patch. I need to make another of them too but not as big as my last one (queen size). I have 4 huge boxes of florals too.

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