Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making some progress

Update----Very slow progress...but I found a place, or rather Russ found a spot, to store the packages of batting.  So the  big box is out of here!  I am rolling yardage over 1 1/2 yard onto the plastic covers and  creating mini-bolts.  I have run out the plastic coversheets I had, so I have gone to the plastic mesh canvas that I had.  Hope there is  enough of it.  
And alas, I have created a huge pile of scraps that need to be sorted and cut into sizes.
InsightI do not need any more fabric. I may desire it, but need....no!
Insight:  I need to make more scrap quilts!

Bright yellow tulips by the side door.....  
I just had to share them.

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