Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stash....the after!

Lots more progress made on the stash closet.   The mini-bolts sure make it neater, and they fill an entire row of the shelf.  There is still a small stack of fabric yardage to be rolled into mini-bolts, but it is off the floor!  Small pieces and FQ's are in the bins (on the shelf and also the ones on the floor)  according to basic color family.   Now there is actually breathing space. 
So next on the agenda is to sort the huge pile of bits and pieces--scraps--into sizes like Bonnie Hunter suggests.  That will probably take a while as it is huge.    I also made special bins for landscape fabrics and sky and water fabrics.  While I was sorting the watercolor fabrics, I went ahead and pulled fabrics that I intend to use for 2 floral quilts.  One will be a blooming 9 patch and the second a french braid.  I put these fabrics and the books/ instructions into separate project boxes.  They now occupy the bare spot on the stacking bins in the second photo. 
So now the big long will it stay this way?   Who knows but I hope I can be neater and more productive for a little while.

1 comment:

vivian said...

You are an inspiration! Fabric off the floor-what a great idea! DH would leap for joy!

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