Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art Quilt Projects and stash report

Rather than letting things fall between the cracks, I have been allotting Mondays to my Art Quilt Workbook projects.   It has worked for me and I am on schedule and up to date.  I finished up the collage exercise and the theme projects.  The top photo is the collage exercise...Take the Leap.  I tried a different edge finish on this one, just a pillow case style finish.  I think I would have liked a binding better.

Over the River Nidd--Knaresborough Bridge is the collage theme project.  I had a general idea of wanting to show the sketch torn from a scrapbook, tucked away for years, and now framed to hang in my dining room.  It all came together when I got the comment from the student, Ana Lynden, and she shared her beautiful words describing the bridge.  (See earlier post for her comment).  I selected the parts I wanted to use and printed them onto fabric that frames the photo on its frayed side.  The quirky detail at the bottom is a tattered bookmark, that falls off the scrapbook edge. 
I am happy with this I saved a piece of history.
One final note, I heard from Russ' cousin, Diane,  that she had been to Knaresborough because her maternal grandmother lived there. 

Insight:  I'm a quilter, and I like binding on the edge.            Inspiration may require waiting for just that right time....or in this case, comment, to bring everything together. 

This weeks Stash busting--fabric used---and none added!
2 yards for Make a Wish take along quilt
1/2yard for border and binding of watercolor
FQ and some scrap strips for labels and taggie
Total this week---2 3/4 yard


  1. I keep seeing prairie points when I look at "Take the Leap". Maybe it's just because my brain is thinking about 3 dimensional triangles :)

    I like your insight thought. I have 4 quilties waiting for my to get binding inspired !!!!!!

  2. I like the prairie point idea....wonder if I can figure out how to add some now. Thanks for the input and help.


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