Friday, May 7, 2010

A Blog comment to share

A really neat comment was in my inbox this morning.  It is from a college student, Ana, who is studying in England.  Here is her description and impression of the Knaresborough Bridge.  It is so special, I just had to share it.

  I’m just a student studying abroad in the U.K. I took an class excursion to Knaresborough and this bridge struck me in its grace and size. For an excursion update I wrote: “Behind the chunks of castle, in the distance, was the River Nidd with mist rising off of it. A picturesque bridge crossed the waters, so we found the riverside walk to get a closer look.  We stopped underneath this behemoth bridge to duck watch and hide from the rain. The huge stones were covered in green moss around the water and they stacked up into a giant arch that reached over us. I felt like it was alive, something with a past, a present, and a future. I felt like that bridge had not always been in that river, but had walked all over the countryside, deciding to plant itself in the Nidd. Unfortunately this bridge is underrated for its grace, strength, and beauty. It doesn’t have a special name, meriting only “Knaresborough Bridge.” I looked through the town pamphlets and found no information on its construction or use. I later found out that it was a bridge for the trains as we waited to leave on the platforms.” Thought you wouldn’t mind a present connection to the bridge as well as the past.

Thank you, Ana.  I am amazed how blogging has changed my world, through people I "meet" and subjects I discover.  This is the good side of technology!

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