Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Copper Center Day

We drove out Glenn Highway to Glennallen and Copper Center.  Both are very small towns, but the reason behind this whole trip.  Russ grew up as a missionary kid in Copper Center and Tok area.  The Chapel on the Hill story has been told over and over, and I am glad we made the trip to see it.  This was the first post for him Mom and Dad to the Indians.  It is just a small log cabin, but was the center and reason they went to Alaska.  Russ tells of having to sit on the front row each week, about wild crocus coming up through the snow, about walking to the lodge area to the shop where his Dad worked some times and being whipped all the way home. 

We found the lodge--Copper Center Roadhouse--along the Copper River about 1/2 mile away.  It is now owned by the grandson of the original owner, and he is developing the area around the lodge with old log cabins and building.  One is now the Historical Society and a small museum, and a QUILT SHOP!  The owners were so gracious and opened up everything for us.  We really enjoyed browsing the area and talking to them all.  The chapel area has been sold and the chapel building given to the lodge owner.  He will be moving it to a new location next to the lodge this year.  I am so glad to know it will be looked after and cared for in the years to come.   So if you are ever in Copper Center, AK stop by Stitches from  the Attic.       We visited Mt. Wrangell Elias State Park, which is beautiful.  The park is larger than Switzerland, and encompasses all the types of area of Alaska--mountains, tundra, and lakes and forests.  Beautiful quaking aspens on the bluffs overlooking the lower tundra that lead to the mountains.
Heading back to our cabin we decided to stop by Lake Louise--tundra area-- and try to see caribou.  We ate at the Lake Louise Lodge--surprise, surprise--overlooking the lake and islands!  There were about 6 or 7 homes on the larger island.  I asked if they were year round homes.  Yes, people have their own power plant generators, and use boats and ATVs in winter to get across the lake. Talk about pioneer spirits.  Our waitress said to look for caribou as we left and sure enough we spotted a couple of them munching on shrubs.  We also saw a moose in the area too.  Deana was dancing for joy. 
Tomorrow is our last day.....  so back to the cabin to pack.  Or rather cram everything in.  Do you know how much room 31/2 yards of fabric takes?  A lot more than I thought when trying to stuff it in along with everything else we bought....so it ended up in the carry on bag.

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