Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garden sights

The double white azaleas are just coming into full bloom.  Most of the other azaleas are past their prime now, so these are a special surprise.  They are tucked into a corner by the side door.  And just beyond them is another special plant.....
This is a Carolina orchid, a past along plant from a friend.  The  blooms are only about 1 and 1/2 inches across and really look like a very tiny orchid on an arching stem.  Hopefully next year there will be more of them.
And the poppies are appliqued now onto the water color wall hanging.  The centers are thread painted in black.  I really like how they just pop with the thread accent.   I have the border picked out and will get this one finished up this week.  I have decided not to add the right side to this one after all.  So now I have the start of other wall hanging, and an idea of what I will use for an accent on it.   

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