Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Art project = poster project

What's a poster project?  It's a type of art project and the object is to turn a favorite poster into a fabric interpretation of it.   It's a type of round robin where you select a poster you like, and cut it into sections.   Choose one section and  reproduce it in fabric.  Place everything in a box.  Then the next month you pass the entire  box to the next person to do a section.   When everyone has done their section, it comes back to you to assemble and complete.  Here's mine from 2 years ago.  Mine was cut into 4 sections.  I think it turned out great.
So at bee Friday night, Shelia had her pieces for the poster project from 2 years ago on her design wall.  All the sections  looked great except for one.  Unfortunately the person did not understand what or how to complete her section and she photocopied the poster section onto fabric.  It stood out like a glaring headlight.  Shelia is such a great gal and does beautiful work,  so I kind of offered--really insisited-- that I would like to try and re-do that section.  Here's the section of the actual poster I had to reproduce in fabric.
And here's what I completed--with a generous 3/8 inch seam allowance that she can trim to match the other pieces.  I greens that I used were some of the sun painted fabrics from last year.  I think they were perfect for this project.  It's a neat project, and lets you use up some stash and be a bit creative.
BTW, Shelia loved the result!
It's so hot here right now, but I think it would be a great time to do some sun painted fabric.  I have been drooling over some of the fabrics Delia has done.   I may play with the paints some tomorrow and see what I come up with. 
Happy stitching.


Carol said...

Love the idea. Your redo looks nice.

Quilt Rat said...

WOW!!!! Your (rendition) poster is fantastic! and the piece you re-did for Sheila is completely fabulous........GREAT JOB!!!
I have never heard of this what a terrific idea.

Shelia said...

Hey bee peep, Thanks for the awesome re-do on my project. I'm glad you convinced me to let you re-do it instead of me just making do with what I received. LOVE IT!!!!

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