Sunday, July 18, 2010

Artful project---sun painting

Just a short session doing some sun painting with setacolors last week.  It's the next chapter in Art Quilt Workbook.  I decided to see what would happen if I used solid color cotton that I had.
The top one on the right is painted on a purple solid.  A very subtle effect on this one. 
The top left is painted on a blue gray solid.
The bottom piece was done a light gray.  You can see the actual fabric color as a gray streak through the center.  It almost looks like a landscape, when I was just dabbing and dragging colors around. 
Over all the colors come out stronger and deeper when painting on colored fabric.   

One final piece painted on to white.  I did it in three sections.  Love the one on the right with the stems and leaves.  Middle one used some foam cut out shapes and some shadowing with paint.  I plan to use this section for my theme project.  The left section is leftovers....just randomly brushed on paint that was leftover...and then crinkled up just a bit to create some streaks. 
Ok, now that I see what I have, I plan to try some more this week, if I can stand the heat. 
I worked on another block for the AK quilt.  It is based on a photo Deana took of Index Lake.  I need to finish up the thread painting on it, but it is looking really good.  Think this quilt is about ready to come together.

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