Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Borders done!

Finally!  I didn't get as much done this weekend as I had hoped on the  braid borders.  I  had to play around with the side border  quite a bit.     I added several fabrics in the braid to get the length.  And still it is not perfect, but then I don't allow the quilt police in my house.  But I love the overall effect.   Unfortunately I have bias on the edge....I stay-stitched around it all to try to avoid too much stretching.   So here's a partial photo before it gets pinned and quilted. 
  The process for the border---basic braid construction where one strip is added to triangle or square in this case, sew and flip and press, and then add the next strip to the adjoining side.  (For great  detail instructions, see   Using the light square as my center point, I added strips to one side of the square and then completed the other side.  I had "auditioned"  fabric and used the value viewer to determine value for placement.  I worked from light in the center to the darkest, then added a medium value and back to lightest fabric.  When I was satisfied with the blending, I wrote down a list.  This is important, because it is very easy to get distracted and then add a fabric out of sequence.  Then sew, and sew some more till done.  Press carefully to avoid stretching and stay stitch both edges after trimming to desired width. 
I think I need  a little "mindless" sewing after this one.  No more math and figuring sizes, no partial seams,  and no matching points for a  while. 
Happy stitching.


Carol said...

Nicely done Debbie. It looks very pretty.

juanita said...

This is lovely!! And what a nice way to record some memories of your trip to Alaska.

Septiembre said...

A great quilt.

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