Thursday, July 8, 2010

Research leads to inspiration

I call it research, but it is really searching the Internet.  Object of search---an eagle--preferably a simple design for another block for my AK quilt.  A few hits and misses and then I found one that was just about right.  Along  the way I spotted a dragonfly that I really liked too....hmmmm.
I used a birds in the air block for the background for the eagle perched on a branch.  This one went together really quickly---guess I have done enough fusing and applique for this quilt that I should have the technique figured out. 
And the entire time I am working on the eagle, I kept  musing about the dragonfly and other unfinished projects to complete.  I was sure  that was a pattern I needed for something.  Later going to get the mail, I noticed a couple of dragonflies on the lavender by the drive.  Aha!  I  could use the dragonfly as the accent on the watercolor wall hanging for the class  I will be teaching.
 So back to computer to look for actual images of dragonflies.    I needed a fairly small size and yet large enough to thread paint.  There are some wonderful sites devoted entirely to dragonflies....who knew?   And they come in all kinds of colors and shapes.  I picked  a photo of a blue darter and  zoomed in to trace the shape.  I also discovered that dragonflies are a symbol of renewal and the positive life forces.   I love it----I have a name for the wall hanging now.  
InsightEvery time inspiration hits, it hits me by surprise.   I never know where it comes from, or when it will arrive.   Sometimes I am at my highest, and other times at my lowest.  My mind--that  tangle of crossed wires and such--processes things I have seen, heard, felt, and dreamed to compose a single beautiful idea to express who I am.    Where do others get their inspiration, their vision?   Probably the same way I do, it just took me a long time to understand. 
So.............Off to do some thread painting.  Sneak peek tomorrow.  Happy stitching.

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Carol said...

Oh your block looks gorgeous.

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