Saturday, April 23, 2011

Almost a meltdown

The phone is back on again, and my jaw is better, but the computer gave me a  melt down today.  Imagine cropping photos that you just uploaded and when you return to the library view......everything, but everything you have done  for 2 years is GONE!   There were no folders in Picasa or in my docs with photos.  Nearing the panic stage, we kept  searching the computer.  Finally, we  found my folder  of photos under Russ's docs.  Huh?  No idea how it moved on its own.  I re-did my backup just in case....again.  But how to get them back to Picasa.....restart and open Picasa again, and I watched everything come back.  Don't ask how, why, or what is going on, I am just glad to be past it.    I feel like the "technology gremlin" is after me this week, or maybe I really am a bit crazy.   
   InsightDon't panic.  Always back up files.  Take a vacation from it.  Then cry if all else fails.

   On to the blocks and batik quilt......a few more with points and a few more plain ones.  Here's a couple of layouts I am playing with. 

I want to use an off set layout, that much I am sure of.  The blocks are 9", so this is only wall size right now.  I like the curvy trail with the NY beauty blocks so far.  Seeing the photos helps me.....I need to re-arrange some of the blocks with points for better balance.   I have  more color combinations to try and more NY beauty blocks to make before I can  really play with the design.   And small circles to make to applique on.  This one is really a lot of fun....maybe it is all the color that stimulates me.
Time to head for church for Easter service.  I made food for the production team for tomorrow morning.  Five services makes for a hungry crew.  Happy Easter to all.
 Happy stitching.


Exuberant Color said...

I had things jumping around on my new laptop and found out it was the sensitivity of the touch pad (and I use a mouse instead of it) when you got near it. I have solved some of the problems. I had a folder of Christmas photos disappear one time and never did find them.

Your quilt is looking good. I have the large drunkard patch templates and am about to play with them. Now I am wondering if I should add some NY beauties in there too.

juanita said...

These are just lovely!

Losing my photos is my worst nightmare. A professional quilter who spoke to our group on Monday evening said she has two backup drives since she almost lost everything when her computer crashed and her backup drive stopped functioning. I'm glad your photos turned up. Computers seem to have a mind of their own.

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