Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blocks and fabrics

All these wonderful batiks arrived from Patchwork Gracie yesterday.  Now to chose which to include in the jacket blocks. 
    I am battling another sinus and ear infection.  I am very allergic to tree pollen and apparently got a super dose last week and now I am paying for it.
So I haven't gotten a lot done on the jacket blocks...only 2 more made.   I am not a fan of paper piecing but I really love these blocks.  I plan to do 4 or 5  more this way.   I will switch up the placement of the patterned batik and put the more solid batiks in the spiky points on a couple of blocks.  There are also appliqued circles to be added  to the plain DP blocks.  Lots more to do...but guess I have all summer to work on it, as warm weather sets in.  Who needs a jacket when it is 85 degrees?   Happy stitching.

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