Sunday, April 10, 2011

Color in the garden

Everything is blooming....the colors are so amazing this year.  I spotted this palette by the back walk....rose, purple, lavender, vivid blue and greens.
I planted the beds this way, so I guess it is no wonder that I select fabrics for my quilts  the same way.  Go for the bold contrast and enjoy what happens when you do.  Oh, and please ignore the weeds.

The pale pink phlox is cascading down the rocks near the waterfall and the golden creeping jenny  glows in the sun.  I enjoy the sound of the falls and viewing the textures of the rocks.  Three years of "neglect" and there is lots of moss and lichen growing on them...finally.    I love the play of shadows here.  It reminds me of the shadows and value contrast in my watercolor quilts. 

   This is the "quiet spot" in the back and is called the  Memory  Garden.  We selected plants for this area in memory of  our family.  The tea olives are getting large now and smell heavenly, and were planted for our mothers.  The Cloud Nine Dogwood says it all.  There's also lavender, rosemary, and a rambling rose, as well as Ladelle's hydrangea.   The hostas are coming up too....even after the deer ate the tops off them.   The spring palette back here is white, creamy tones and greens.  In summer, lots of yellow daisies, and day lilies brighten it up.  
    Next weekend is the Tour of Gardens downtown, and I hope we get to go this year, as we have missed the last couple of years.  I am praying for some rain this week, cooler temps, and a lot less pollen in the air.  
     I finished up a few more batik blocks,  and  I have finally made a decision about the jacket.  More on that to come, and I will explain my thought process, too.
Happy stitching.


Exuberant Color said...

That's not fair to show so much blooming, LOL!! It's 82 degrees here today after 47 on Friday. the redbud trees barely have their buds started. Your flowers are beautiful and I'lljust have to enjoy yours until something happens here.

Sylvia Anderson said...

I agree with Wanda, especially since, geographically we are only 20 minutes away. Our crabapple trees are just showing a hint of the beautiful floral display they will produce, probably within a week, weather permitting. I love all the daffodils, but mourn the tulip bulbs that have become food for critter tummies. Happy Easter to you and your family.

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