Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Joining the jacket sections

  After quilting the sections with a very large stipple, I trimmed each section to size by the pattern  minus 1/2 inch at the shoulders and side seams.      
  Probably the most important point  here is to be sure that the front sections match exactly in length.  After the quilting there was some minor stretching to one side, so I was brave and just whacked it off.

 Joining the sections:
  Bulk is a big problem in making a quilted jacket.  That is a lot of layers to deal with and the seams get so thick.  This joining technique eliminates the bulk and covers the seam on the inside.  The edges of the sections will butt together  and be covered on the outside and inside.  ( That is why I trimmed the side and shoulder seams 1/2 inch.)   I used a 2 inch strip on the outside that was pieced to blend with the sections it would join.  The inner strip in double fold--like quilt binding--and the first side is sewn on with the outer strip to one section.  Then the other side of the outer strip is sewn to the joining section.  When you turn the jacket to the inside, the folded binding is then pressed over the join and stitched down.  Seam covered.   Note....I kept having to remind myself to use 1/2 inch seam allowance and not 1/4 inch as usual.
   Here is the outside view to show how the join looks across the shoulder and at the sleeve.  The florals make it easy to hide. 

** I learned a new trick....did you know you could add words to photos in picasa 3? How did I miss that before?

  I am still debating on the applique...whether to add it or not.  This is the point in construction to do it, while it is in a flat garment stage.  Just the quick cuffs and side seams to go before finishing the binding.  Wouldn't you know the weather has really turned warm again, so it will be 6 months before I even wear it. 
  OK, off to the dentist to get this tooth fixed, so I am done stitching today.  Maybe tomorrow......

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Exuberant Color said...

Come over to IL, it is 36 degrees today! You'll need a jacket.

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