Monday, April 11, 2011

Switching it up

I completed a few more batik blocks and put them up on the design wall.  And decision made!
    Switch:  a change or transformation. 
  Yes, that is what I have decided to do.  I am  switching  things up on my 2 on-going projects---the watercolor floral quilt and the drunkard's path jacket in batiks.
    My off-handed remark about making a quilt with the batik blocks set my thinking in that direction.  Then Wanda's comment that they would be a beautiful quilt, was exactly right on.   An artsy quilt that  explores color and movement and doesn't really follow the rules or a set pattern  was calling me.  And that surprised me! 

    Why?  I began as a very traditional quilter about 25 years a pattern, follow directions, and so on.  And somewhere along the way, I have found my own way.  I don't always follow the trends or the current thing that is in vogue.  Maybe I am just kind of behind  the times, or just off in my own world.  I continue to work in watercolors and florals because it makes me happy and content.  Remember---do what you love.  Yet, I have found that I look to expand that technique by  translating watercolor and value into other designs and patterns---traditional or not.  In scrappy quilts, I push value to see what happens.  And participating in the Journal Quilt Challenge this year has been such an inspiration and motivation to me.  I have really enjoyed playing and seeing what others create.   So all this came together in my head and gave me a big push/nudge/urge to  turn the blocks into a quilt. 
    So what's the problem.....I wanted to do a jacket to try the technique for joining and bindings.   I love the DP and NY Beauty blocks, but I just could not see myself wearing them---not on my body.    Yes, they would be a striking jacket, but I would probably never wear it. 
    I was sitting in my sewing room, as all this went through my head, and right in front of me--on the design wall--was the perfect answer.  The floral blocks..... I could see myself wearing a jacket made with the floral blocks.  They blend, create light and shadow--that could be useful!   And they could be a background for some applique.  So, the watercolor floral blocks are going to become the jacket and the batik blocks are going into a quilt.
   I did a few quick sketches for a layout on the new jacket idea and I think I need a few more light blocks for it.   Still have lots of strips so that won't be a problem. 
  Insight:  Again I say to me----follow your instincts and do what you love.   One of these days, I am going to get that firmly planted in my brain.
  Happy stitching.

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