Monday, May 2, 2011

Another layout

Little sewing last week, as I worked a lot in the yard.  Unfortunately, a couple of insects of some sort found me, raised huge welts, and I spent the weekend in a benadryl fog.  Better today and needing to get back in the swing of things.
    A few more blocks made out of the batiks, and a different layout now......I had the fan on in the sewing room and it blew the first layout off  of the design wall, so I thought it was a  sign to try another one. 
I still like the twist and turn pattern that these blocks create, but this time I put a group of four in a circle for the center.  There are about a dozen more blocks cut out  and ready to be sewn. 

This small photo is part of what was the first layout.I think I could probably play with this forever and have a hundred different combos.....

So,  I see my challenge is deciding on just one.  
There I go, jumping ahead of myself...again.    Finish the blocks and see what happens when they all come together.  
Insight:  This is self expression, not a given set of plans.  Enjoy it.
Happy stitching.


Mary said...

Debbie, someday I must get the courage up to try this pattern. It is stunning and I love the colors.

Eileen said...

You have more patience than me! I like the second layout better, I like things symmetrical and ordered. And I LOVE batiks!

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