Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beyond the field of right and wrong.....

  Last night at guild meeting our speaker was Marilyn Doheny,  known for the 9 degree wedge ruler.  She now is in Tryon, NC and has  a B and B/ quilting retreat center.  She showed wonderful, colorful, playful, and exotic quilts.  But she began her program with "What shape are you?".....a quiz based on shapes that reveal your personality and perception.  I will have to share that in another post, but it was very revealing!  She ended with several quotes and one literally covered me. 

         " Beyond the field of right and wrong, is another field.  I will meet you there."

   So where am I going with this?   Outside, down the hill, behind the shed, past the field (of right and wrong) to........a glorious expanse of wildflowers, just thousands of daisies covering the slope. 

My photos don't do it justice.  An early morning walk through a field of wildflowers puts it all in perspective.                                                    Insight: 
Do you ever have that voice---you know the one--in your head or your shoulder that is always correcting you, making you second guess yourself, or just the general put down? I am probably not alone in this, but sometimes I think I am.  So this is my field beyond---where I will take those negative thoughts --and leave them--that try to defeat me. 

One final photo..... along the edge of the field.  It seemed to express this thought.
   May all your weeds be wildflowers.

Happy stitching.

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Exuberant Color said...

I haven't heard Marilyn's name mentioned in years. I didn't know if she was still teaching and lecturing. I met her 15 or more years ago and love her enthusiasm.
I would want to be picking a huge bouquet of daisies while I was out in that field.

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